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That is why if you are one of those people who desperately want to lose weight, you must try this recipe. Note: you can replace the grapefruit with orange juice, if you don’t like the bitter taste.
Have you changed your eating habits and started an exercise program but haven’t seen any results? As much as we wish that losing weight is straightforward burning more calories than you consume, there are lot more factors involved including genetics and our environment. In this article we take a look at 12 different reasons why you aren’t losing weight despite starting on a healthier lifestyle.
One or more of the reasons below may help you get back on track so you can reach for weight loss goals. If you’re eating right and exercising but not seeing the results in the scale, it may be because you’re gaining muscle.
A better way to measure your progress is not just to rely on the scale, but also take out a tape measure.
While this may sound great, it also leads you to crave for more food and feel hungrier often. If you are getting enough activity and not losing weight, check to see if you’re working out hard enough. A study done by the Curtin University of Technology in Australia compared aerobic training, resistance training and combining both to see which method yielded the most reduction in obesity. One other thing to keep in mind is that doing cardio for extended periods of time or for long durations at high intensities makes your body adapt to be more endurance focused. Because sodas don’t offer any nutritional benefits, plus bring a number of side effects with it, you may want to cut back or quit it all together. Water helps keeps us hydrated and is a much healthier alternative to drinking soda or fruit juices. Another research by the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute in Oakland, California found that increasing water consumption led to significant fat and weight loss over time.
With work, family and other responsibilities, it’s often easier to eat out or just order something.
In a study done by researchers from the American Cancer Society and the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Public Health, eating out (in full service and fast food restaurants), results in us eating 195 to 200 more calories a day.

It doesn’t stop there, dining out also results in higher consumption of saturated fat as well as sodium. Switching to healthier food helps but depending on what food you’re eating, portion control may still be necessary.
However, other healthy foods like whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, nuts, avocados and even olive oil still come with calories.
When we get short amounts of sleep or are deprived on it, our levels of cortisol increases, our insulin sensitivity levels decrease and we also end up with increased appetite and hunger. Individuals who have certain medical conditions or taking medications may have problems losing weight.
Another possibility of you not losing weight or having a hard time doing so may be your medications.
If you’re taking any medication you may want to check with your physician to see if what you’re taking affects your weight.
Skipping meals is also another reason why you may be gaining weight or not losing enough of it. Research however, shows that if you’re trying to lose weight skipping breakfast isn’t such a good idea.
What’s more interesting is that even if you consume the same amount of calories a day, the individual who eats breakfast loses more weight that the one that only eats lunch and dinner. While both groups ate the same number of calories daily, the breakfast group lost close to 20 lbs., while the non-breakfast group lose less than 14 lbs. That is why they use various methods like exercising regularly, consuming healthy food, changing some unhealthy habits but often there aren’t any positive results. This is one reason dieticians often tell you not to depend on just the scale when drying to lose weight. Muscle is denser that fat so you may weigh the same or even more but actually have a lower body fat percentage.
By measuring your waist circumference every 3 to 4 weeks, you’ll see if you’re making any progress. In this fight or flight state, the body is constantly expending energy to help the body cope. If you sit behind a desk all day you probably aren’t going to burn more calories that you eat.

After 12 weeks, the group that did both cardio and resistance training yielded the best results in weight loss as well as fat loss.
So you may be counting the calories you eat, but don’t forget to keep track of the calories you drink. When you’re trying to lose weight, drinking a glass of water before meals helps make you feel fuller.
It did this by altering metabolism and lowering the total amount of energy taken in by participants. Dining out or getting take out, while more convenient does come with consequences when it comes quality of food. During this rest period, our body secretes regulatory hormones that help keep it balanced and functioning properly. Some medications make you gain weight, these include insulin, prednisone, some birth control medication, Paxil and Prozac, among others. It also plays a role in your portion control, since you know how much you need to fill your plate each meal. In a 12 week period, men and women were divided into 2 groups, one that ate 3 meals a day including breakfast, and another that didn’t have breakfast.
This is because you don’t know the right way to fight against the belly fat and get rid of excess pounds. The best thing about this beverage is that not only it helps with the weight loss process, but it also improves your overall health as well. Then filling up on them won’t jeopardize you weight loss goals because they’re still very low on calories.
Other less common conditions that prevent you from losing weight include Cushing’s syndrome, Polycystic ovary syndrome and insulin resistance.
Other research have also shown that individuals who drank one to two sodas had larger waistlines that those who didn’t.

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