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Want to hear all your tips and little ways to make Christmas as special as possible for your little ones! Tagged with: baby bloggers UK, baby tips, baby's first christmas blog UK, baby's first christmas tips, how to make a baby's first christmas special?, melody hossaini baby blog, melody hossaini blogs, mummy bloggers UK, what to buy a baby on their first christmas? Sun, sea, sand and relaxation – lazy mornings, sun tanning by the pool and lot’s of chic-lit reading. It’s very exciting going away for the first time, as a proper family as opposed to a couple.
We thought a lot about where we wanted to go- somewhere not too far away (as didn’t know what he’d be like on the flight), somewhere relatively warm with an all-inclusive resort and somewhere with not a huge time difference to disturb his routine.
Babies have to adjust to changes – so with daily temps so much higher than England, Kian’s body was constantly hot in the first couple of days- he even had a little bit of a high temp at one point. Sitting in the restaurant for evening meals- past his bedtime (he usually sleeps at 6.30pm at home), sometimes he was playing, sometimes happy but other times he would get frustrated and yell out and ruin people’s dinner! When you just want to sit in the sun, read a book and relax, but your baby has other plans!
Seeing him get into the pool for the first time and his laughter as he loved it and would splash around at speed! At a resort, there’s always lots of music, by the pool, live music at dinner and evening entertainment. When it’s your first time packing for a trip with a baby, you don’t know how much to take of each essential. You definitely don’t want to pay for excess luggage but with all this stuff, it’s hard not to!
We took 3 swimming suits for Kian to try- one all one one with buttons around his legs from John Lewis, one all in one with only a zip at the top (from Next) and also a 2 piece- top and shorts from Ralph Lauren. Take lots of toys (from those that light up, to little soft blocks to bigger toys they can pull etc), because when they’re sat in their buggy on a day out, or sat in their high-chair at dinner, it really helps to keep them happy and preoccupied! Make sure your resort is buggy friendly and that you have a room on bottom floor if no lift.
We took a travel steriliser which was great but forgot a bottle brush (you can get a compact one with a case from poundland).
Although a baby has lots of needs and may cry or need food or sleep – try to take time to enjoy yourselves, go to dinner, sit out and enjoy the entertainment, the baby has to learn to adjust and can’t be the other way around, as you’ll end up doing yourself a disservice and you’ll have a baby not capable of adaptation on your hands! This is a recipe from Annabel Karmel, but I always give it my own twist of things and use what fresh ingredients I have in the fridge.
Then saute cut up and washed mushrooms in a little butter for a couple of minutes before adding tomatoes (as in photo above)- but make sure tomato is skinned, deseeded and chopped. With things like spinach which is so good for you, buy a heap, cut it up, put into a freezer bag and use it each time you cook. It’s so much easier to freeze in individual portions than it is to cook a big batch and having to defrost a whole lot. I have labels and a marker in the baby draw, and once portioned up, I mark it with an S for salmon (my fish of choice), B for beef (my red meat of choice as less fatty) and C for chicken etc. Last night I was invited to a family dinner to reveal the sex of an unborn baby in our family! Heat a little oil in a pan- saute onion, garlic (crushed), carrots (raw, peeled and grated) mushroom (thinly diced) and celery (finely chopped) for 5 mins.
I served Kian this with baby star pasta (can get this at most places- I got mine at Tesco) and also served a portion with rice for him. Reading – central to education, communication, development of imagination and language! Now at the age of 4.5 months, he holds his book himself (did it for the first time yesterday!), turns the pages and recognises different books. Do it in stages – Firstly simply read, secondly let them look, thirdly show them and finally let them do it themselves.

Get them to interact - It helps if you get them to interact with the books before they learn to turn the pages and hold it themselves. Christmas is a magical time- especially, since having grown up in Sweden, we have lots of Christmas traditions but this year it was made more special with Kian being here! Dressed in his ‘My First Christmas’ outfit which my sister got him, he took his place by the tree to watch us all opening presents! As parents, the greatest thing we can give our children, aren’t material things- but teaching them values- the importance of being thankful, of giving, of caring about the world we live in. Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator – How Much Weight Should You Gain while You are Pregnant?
At this point, your fig-sized fetus is busy learning to move and groove in your womb—although you won't feel those movements for another month or so! By now, development has progressed to where your baby will begin to do some things for his or herself, like producing red blood cells and swallowing nourishing amniotic fluid.
The placenta is the organ that develops during pregnancy to provide nutrients to the developing baby. Feed them milk as you take off, let them nap after that, then we read to him and played the rest of the way and then we were there! Unfortunately, our resort wasn’t with its endless annoying up-hill paths and also 2 flights of stairs to our villa. We did this, which meant we had 2 balconies, a living room with a sofa and a large bedroom.
After posting pictures on my batch-cooking for Kian last night, lots of you were asking for a blog sharing the recipes and tips- so your wish is my command! As a working-mum with a heavy schedule, it’s the only way, I can ensure Kian eats a healthy and varied meal-plan everyday. I buy good quality lean and already cut-up beef steak from my local butchers (to ensure it’s clean and fresh). Kian never has the same meal twice in a day- I mix it up between chicken, red meat and fish + always veg.
I peal apples and pear, cut into pieces then steam- put in blender (leave bits and chunks) then put into a freezer bag and take out at start of week and use it in a couple of days or so. I have been leaving chances for Kian ever since he was 5 months- they have to learn to chew it and break it down. Kian was there and in the middle of dinner, he began crying- unfortunately, I realised I had forgotten his little rag toy (the blue one someone bought us as a gift).
Add 120g lean minced beef and saute until browned (keep stirring and break the meat into small pieces). I was the first person on both sides of my family to wear glasses as a child (aged 12), due to the many hours I spent over books!
So for example, with Kian, when he was a little newborn, I held him to me as I read and told him stories. A couple of ways to do that, which is also fun for them, is to get a book which has a button to press which makes a sound.
There were a lot of presents but he sat quietly and patiently for 2 hours taking it all in!
Not just for the material possessions available to him, but more importantly because he is so loved within a safe family unit. Implantation triggers the production of an (hCG) hormone that turns your pregnancy test positive and your whole world upside down.
The weather was perfect (warm enough for him to swim and not be too cold, but not too hot with maximum temp of around 29), plus there’s no time difference at all! Kian is 9 months old now, and at 9 months babies enter a new phase of eating and you can experiment a little more with things like couscous, tougher meats and more varied vegetables.
Then add the meat and mushroom mix to blender- put into portions and put a little mash to go with it on top!

If you puree for too long, they will not like the bits and chunks – they have to learn! But it made me think how society limits or pre-determines boundaries for our children by way of gender. Therefore, it’s no surprise that when I knew I was having Kian, one of the things I looked forward to the most were reading time together. They can’t see very well then yet, but they can enjoy hearing your soft voice, especially if you read something to them that rhymes. When he could see better, I would show him the book, then let him watch as I explained about turning the page and would repeat things whilst showing him things on the pages and turning each page.
One of the most valued memories from my childhood bedtime reading, were my aunt making up funny stories we could relate to that were about children our own age. From my own childhood, I have very little memories of me receiving material things, but my most beautiful and vivid memories are of sitting around the dinner table with my family and my mum telling funny stories and us laughing. The beautiful thing with a new addition to the family in Kian is that it changes the dynamic of family and brings you all even closer.
Here’s my blog on our first holiday with our 9 month-old baby Kian and my tips for those going away with their little ones, including how to reduce your luggage weight!
This time, we packed the bare essentials and reduced it to one suitcase to create capacity for all the stuff that the baby needed, and boy did he need stuff! For formula- we use Aptamel and needed just over one pack (we brought some extra in a plastic freezer bag. Transfer the mixture to a blender to a smoother consistency (but not too much) – I also added some fresh herbs (parsley) before blending. Obviously babies are too young to make those connections, but I do believe that we can plant seeds when they’re really little, so I tell Kian stories that I make up myself about kindness.
You cook it fresh, then freeze it straight away (once cooled down!) and importantly, I put it into individual meal portions, and defrost enough for his lunch and dinner in the morning. Furthermore, why isn’t there more gender neutral colours available like yellow, orange and gold? The other way is to get a book which has different textures on each page for them to touch and explore, which also aides their development.
I tell him about children who stand up for those being bullied, I tell him about the boy who found a lost cat and helped it, I tell him about the boy who spoke to his teacher about drawing secret friends and doing something kind for them that week, I tell him about the boy who had special powers and used it to defend those who couldn’t defend themselves, and the boy who helped the environment with exciting projects in his community! Perhaps new clothes (he grows out of them so quickly!), perhaps a toy (as he loves flashing lights and movement)… but nothing felt just right. Go into your local Boots, and if you have 2 weeks until you go away, they can order it all in for you (we ordered food pouches, his milk, swimmer diapers, wipes and sun tan lotion). This is very dangerous, and can sometimes lead to lifelong damage. Dangers of Alcohol During Pregnancy Drinking a lot of alcohol during pregnancy can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome in the baby.
If you don’t have time, you simply get the number for that Boots directly and call the evening before you fly, and they will put it all aside for you. Once cooked and the right consistency (Water should have reduced and it’s a good texture), put into blender, portion into pots and label!
And my parameters will be as wide as possible to allow him to explore and be free to be creative and to become what he wants to be.
The only way to prevent fetal alcohol syndrome is to not drink alcohol during pregnancy. If you did not know you were pregnant and drank alcohol, stop drinking as soon as you find out.

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