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Brazilian airline Gol Linhas Aereas has been promoting its credit deals with this print advertising campaign, showing what can happen over three years. The GOL campaign was developed at AlmapBBDO, SA?o Paulo, by creative directors Luiz Sanches and Roberto Pereira, art directors Gustavo Victorino and Bruno Prosperi, copywriter Renato SimAµes, and photographer Hugo Treu. What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film. As noted in previous Report Cards (2001, 2003, and 2004), stringent regulations on industrial and vehicle emissions have allowed the South Coast Air Basin (SoCAB) to make tremendous improvements in air quality over the past 30 years. This article focuses on health effects that ambient and traffic related air pollution has on pregnant women, their infants, and young children. The time between conception and birth is perhaps one of the most vulnerable life stages, during which the environment may have tremendous immediate and lasting effects on health.
Early childhood is also a critical period for the continued development and maturation of several biological systems such as the brain, lung, and immune system and air toxics can impair lung function and neurodevelopment, or exacerbate existing conditions, such as asthma (Figure 2). Exactly what compounds in the ambient air most affect reproductive and children's health, and how these exposures result in restricted fetal growth, early parturition, and development of respiratory diseases remains largely unknown. A seminal paper published in 1977 by researchers in Los Angeles was the first to describe a possible association between air pollution at atmospheric levels and reduced birth weight. Mothers exposed to high levels of CO and particles during pregnancy are at higher risk of adverse birth outcomes, including preterm delivery, low birth weight, and congenital heart defects. In Los Angeles, we found that air pollution caused by traffic disproportionately affected women in low-income and disadvantaged neighborhoods. Michelle Wilhelm is an Assistant Professor In Residence in the Department of Epidemiology and member of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, School of Public Health, UCLA. A terrific resource for everything baby name related. A fun baby name generator, 1st names, middle names, baby name polls, baby name community. Within 24 hours the zygote will then begin to divide into further cells called blastomeres as it travels down along your fallopian tubes. It will then announce its arrival to your body by secreting the hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) hormone which signals the body to continue producing another hormone called progesterone. Although you may not have experienced the earliest possible signs of pregnancy yet, your uterine walls will already begin to soften and the lining of your cervix will thicken.

Morning Sickness SymptomsMorning sickness symptoms are characterized by nausea and can effect up to 90% of pregnant women. Pregnancy Week 4 - The Baby's ProgressPregnancy Week 4 continues with the developing heart and nervous system.
Stages Of Pregnancy DevelopmentVisit Pregnancy Planner for Pregnancy Journals, Keepsakes And Organizers.
The study of air pollution's impact on reproductive outcomes is still a developing area of science with many important questions unanswered, but more evidence is emerging that air pollution exposures in pregnancy and early childhood put children at higher risk of adverse health outcomes. In fact, in one study, we linked residential traffic density to preterm and LBW which provides further evidence that traffic exhaust may be particularly important.
Air pollution exposure during early pregnancy may interfere with placental development and subsequent oxygen and nutrient delivery to the fetus throughout pregnancy, while the last trimester is important for fetal weight gain. Vehicle exhaust also contains very small or ultra fine particles (UFP), which have a high surface area.
CO is directly emitted by vehicle tailpipes and concentrations of this pollutant are elevated closer to heavy traffic roadways. Ambient air pollution and adverse birth outcomes: Methodologic issues in an emerging field. It counts down your pregnancy by the day and helps you keep track of your pregnancy as time ticks away!
As soon as your egg meets the strongest cohort of sperm it will then penetrate the oocyte (the innermost part of the egg) and shed it’s tail to be left outside to naturally disintegrate.
It takes up to 72 hours for this little ball of cells to arrive at your uterus by which time the maturing cell life is referred to as a blastocyst. These hormones will then trigger off a chain reaction which will prevent the break-down of your uterus lining thereby stalling your next menstrual cycle. In pregnancy week one it would not be possible to determine an accurate pregnancy reading yet.
However, studies of air pollution's effect on SIDS to date are equivocal[2], while results for particulate matter and respiratory infant mortality are fairly consistent and further supported by the strong and well established link between particles and adult mortality. But CO is not known to have any inflammatory effects in the lung, thus, we hypothesize that CO could be acting as a marker for other toxins in vehicles exhaust such as UFP and PAHs.

Wilhelm's research focuses on the impact of environmental exposures, particularly air pollution, on perinatal and early childhood health. The two will form one single cell called a zygote which will develop a thick wall around itself to prevent any further penetration from other sperm….
About 1 week after the initial fertilization took place the blastocyst will finally and securely embed itself into the lining of your uterus by growing little finger-like tentricles. Home pregnancy kits will confirm a positive reading by detecting the hCG hormone in your urine and the levels will not be high enough to read until the end of the second week.
These studies nevertheless have not been able to identify the specific components of particulate matter, nor elucidate the mechanism by which these pollutants affect health in children and infants, which may be different from adults.
PAHs may also interfere with placental development and fetal growth early in pregnancy, but more studies are needed to understand the mechanisms that can cause this to happen. She published the first study examining associations between residential proximity to traffic during pregnancy and adverse birth outcomes and is particularly interested in how Geographic Information Systems and other novel approaches such as biomarkers can be used to estimate exposure to traffic generated air pollution in large epidemiologic studies. In addition to her work on birth outcomes, she is also currently involved in several studies concerning air pollution and exacerbation of asthma in Californian children.
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