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A Georgia mother who was arrested for allowing her 10-year-old to get a tattoo said she had no idea it was illegal for him to get one, even with her consent. When Chuntera Napier's son Gaquan Napier asked her if he could get a memorial tattoo for his 12-year-old brother Malik who died after being hit by a car, Napier was touched by the request. Gaquan got a tattoo on his right arm of his brother's name and his former basketball jersey number. When someone at his school noticed the tattoo and contacted authorities, Napier was arrestedA on Tuesday and charged with misdemeanor cruelty and being a party to a crime, according to WSBTV. Police say that Napier has refused to cooperate in naming the tattoo artist who could also be prosecuted for violating the law. A new study conducted by scientists from the Zeenat Qureshi Stroke Institute in Minnesota was released on Feb.

Scientists made a comparison of the rates of heart attack and other heart-related issues after 12 years of making a follow-up with their participants who got pregnant at their younger years. In an article published by The Guardian, they said that younger mothers are of high risk as well in acquiring hemorrhagic stroke that it went up to 1% compared to younger pregnant women who only got 0.5%.
The Mirror got a hold of this research and reported that this study was presented during the American Stroke Association's Internal Stroke Conference in Los Angeles. Napier bonded out of jail on Wednesday but is shocked that her consent was not enough for her son to get a tattoo. The result came out revealing 3.8% was the risk of women getting a heart attack if they delayed their pregnancy until they reached their 40s. The bottom line is that it is not wise to delay your pregnancy and wait till you are 40, especially if you are planning to raise a family.

It would also be wiser to always consult first with your gynecologist before continuing with the pregnancy should you have no choice but to delay it. Now, we know that the consequences of that later pregnancy stretch years into the future," the head of the research team for this project and the director of the Institute, Professor Adnan Qureshi said. It is higher compared to women who got pregnant younger, as the figure for them only came out to 2.4%.

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