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Classes run as courses, though it is possible to join at any time, space permitting, and fees will be pro-rated. Lara is a certified Hatha, Pregnancy and Children’s Yoga teacher who found yoga to be invaluable in helping her to prepare for the home births of her own two children.
For more about the spiritual dimension of pregnancy see Marianne's articles: Yoga and Childbirth and Buddhism and Childbirth. The first few weeks of motherhood can be daunting and throw even the most confident, successful woman for a loop.
When I was pregnant, I was delusional about how my yoga practice would continue once I became a parent.

My husband Josh and I started potty training our 2.5 year old Lucia on Friday, February 26th. Watch most movies or TV shows that show a hospital setting where a woman is giving birth and comments like "how dilated is she?" or "Oh, you are 10 cm, let's start pushing!" are being thrown around.
These classes aim to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the expectant mother through gentle asana, relaxation and meditation practice in a supportive environment.
Having trained in pregnancy yoga with Yoga Therapy Ireland, she is passionate about encouraging pregnant women to trust the wisdom and amazing resources of their body in order to have a positive and empowering birth experience.
As well as working towards optimum physical health for pregnancy and labour, participants will be encouraged to prepare mentally and emotionally for birth and beyond.  Pregnancy yoga focuses upon developing mind-body awareness as preparation for conscious childbirth, teaching women how to incorporate the tools of yoga to give birth with confidence and awareness.

Breathing techniques, natural pain-relief methods, positions for labour, and  more will be included.
With yoga postures particularly adapted for pregnant women, the class is suitable for all stages of pregnancy as long as you and the baby are healthy. Prenatal Yoga will help you relax, connect with your baby, and prepare you mentally and physically for the Big Day (and post-recovery, too).A  It will also make you feel strong, centered, and beautiful!Copyright 2014 Austin Prenatal Yoga.

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