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Although lots of us seem to have an aversion to urine, the truth is that our pee can tell us a lot about our health.
Luckily for the appearance-conscious mom, the device does not indicate its purpose in any way.
It may not seem like an entirely necessary testing device to have in the home, but the popularity of home ultrasound and heart monitor machines have proven that pregnant women want more control over their own pregnancies.

Pregnant women in particular can benefit from regular urine analysis to ensure that their pregnancy is progressing as normal. The testing gadget can also indicate other dangerous conditions like kidney or bladder infections, pre-eclampsia and dehydration. Since many expectant mothers are nervous about their health and want to be constantly aware of the state of their health, home health monitors like this one are bound to become more and more popular.

When the specimen is inserted, the decorative designs and brand name change color to indicate several possible color-coded results.

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