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When I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I secretly started reading message boards, blog posts, and pretty much anything related to newly pregnant women. I have not seen this, but I am going to check for it, it looks great, and a fab wet Monday night movie. I'm just a 20 something paper loving, thrift hunting, picture taking, beauty finding, socializing, simple yet complicating girl. At the end of the day he is at fault for not determining how loyal these women can be in the beginning stages of the relationships.
At the end of the day, both people in a relationship need to have respect and trust in each other. About The blog, Seriously Maybe, takes a look at relationships from the subjective male’s perspective. But things quickly change when Beverly (Drew Barrymore) gets too involved and finds herself in quite a predicament- pregnant! We sadly went through the same thing in December and are still hoping for news of our own some point this year (fingers crossed).
I've never even heard of it (my excuse is I'm too young!) but I definitely want to see this one!

I haven't watched it in such a long time, but it made me fall in love with Drew Barrymore.
If we have our side chicks or whatever you call them, let’s not give them total control of the relationship. This is twice now i?ve landed on your blog in the last 3 weeks looking for completely unrelated things. Some men are afraid to take charge of their relationship and that has an indirect effect on women. So no matter how dominant you want to be or how you want to take charge, remember always leave a little room for your partner. We, the authors, are true to our opinions which we un-apologetically express regardless of how inappropriate, unpopular or controversial they may be. But through the years, lots of things change, mistakes are made, lives are changed, and people change- for better or for worse. You can’t control another human being and if you cannot respect her enough why be with her in the first place? Realistically, women want someone who isn’t afraid to take charge of their relationship, and the decision not to take charge of the relationship due to fear of losing the women might make women skeptical of who you are as a man and character in general.

You should be able to send whatever you want to her without having to worrying about it hitting the net. Be confident if you decide to send explicit pictures to her without worrying about it hitting the net.
And she has decided she does not want to marry the father, a deadbeat teenager going nowhere in life. Be smart as well, you will always have those disloyal ones out there too.  Think a step ahead.
You cannot love or even expect to have a meaningful relationship with that twisted frame of mind. And in the Anthony Weiner case, the women were probably offered large amounts of cash in exchange for his pictures; showing he had no trust, no respect and no control over them.

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