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Speaking of hormones, I still feeling like I’m riding on an emotional roller coaster. Maryea,you DON’T have to be a particularly curvy woman or even voluptuous for that matter in order to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which means that usually, when someone asks how far along I am, I just tell them the weeks. I am visiting your blog first time but the way you have explained 24 week pregnancy is brilliant.

My older son handled the transition great though, and today the two of them are great friends. The physical contact between mum and baby has been proven to have great benefit and can calm and relax a premature infant. The result is that you will have too much glucose in your blood, and this can have serious implications for your baby and you if left untreated. Some women find they actually lose weight when gestational diabetes has been diagnosed because of the big change in eating habits.

In these circumstances, your medical team will not be worried; in fact, if you were overweight in the first place they will be pleased, as long as the weight loss is within an acceptable range. Around now lots of mums-to-be find their breasts leaking colostrum (the first nutrient-rich substance that will eventually feed your baby in the first few days after birth) and the problem is often made worse by the sound of a crying baby or other emotional experiences.

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