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With Ellen Pompeo being pregnant, creator of the show is preparing any kind of possibilities that will include having no more Meredith Grey. Should Ellen Pompeo find it too consuming being a first time mother, Shonda Rhimes will be well-prepared for a story without her character on "Grey's Anatomy". Shonda continued explaining that the sixth season will be the key season that will have to be ready when a character or two are gone. Still, Shonda admitted that she has not figured out how the show will go on without Meredith Grey, which is the centerpiece of the whole show.
Look I think that they should be able to think of something and hopefully they will so then she won't have to stay gone but for maybe 1-2 months and then Grey's Anatomy will be back to normal oh yea if anybody is watching Grey's Anatomy comes on tonight. Music producer Pharrell Williams arrived on the red carpet with his androgynous wife Helen Lasichanh-Williams at the 2nd Annual Rebels With A Cause Gala at Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood on Thursday, March 20. Celebrity blogger ATLien and her mom will be sitting in the audience as NeNe’s personal guests.
Correction, Billy Dee Williams scored the lowest…you’re welcome Auntie GO NENE!!! I say, if Billy gonna try to pull this thing off, he needs to get in touch with Fly Young Red (you tube is your friend) and his crew STAT.

I know she a model and shyt AND Ihate fake tits, but ol’ girl with Pharell need to do something bout them mosquito bites she call tits. Same thing with NenE damn wig and Pharell wife look like she into something else… fish !
I hope I NEVER see her in Atlanta because it would be SO hard gnat to snatch that shyt off her head. Ellen is seven months pregnant and the sixth season production has just been kicked off, thus Shonda is making some selections of story lines to anticipate the actress' absence during maternity leave. The creator said, "So we're looking at, How do we mess with that structure now while we have everybody and figure out ways in which, 'What would we do without Ellen?
Katherine Heigl revealed in an interview with David Letterman that it was 17 hours of work and that it was "weird" without T.R. Shonda Rhimes herself she could not imagine the show without her LEAD, Ellen Pompeo as Meredith,-btw, I LOVE that part;)-and Ellen as Mer will be there for as long as she wants to be. So glad Dook went down, hoping my TarHeels can pull through and I Lowkey want Central to beat Iowa State. Just looking at it makes my damn head itch and I don’t eem know what wearing weave feels like.

That's the one blank spot I have in my head," she said, adding that at least there is another Grey, Lexie. Normally I be mad at yt folks who imitate black dances but he FELT THAT ISH YOU HEAR ME????
The actor has asked to be released from his contract due to lack of screen time and unfavorable creative direction of his character. Celebrity blogger ATLien and her mom will be sitting in the audience as NeNe’s personal guests. Sir Elton John does NOT approve most likely about them using his shat at the beginning of a song about BUSSY.

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