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Not 100% sure, but judging from the shape of the dorsal, I’d say the one freaking out in the med pool is Morgan. 17 March 2016 Reblog You know, all those cries of Seaworld need’s support because of the rescue work the do and their advocacy for lesser know animals and their care of smaller cetacean is starting to appear to be just a load of bollocks.
Diversity is important but I dislike how there are many people saying that Disney should have made a hispanic princess instead of Moana or when people complained that Disney had made an arabic princess before black one. 3 orcas, including a juvenile, were able to free themselves by the evening, but the 7m long male is still stuck. Preferably not just cover it with a warning but block the post from ever appearing in the first place? Disney is not public service provider that should make everyone feel good about themselves but a company that makes both art and entertainment.
Prather, 33, parked about a quarter mile away and walked inside the suburban Atlanta home of his ex-wife, Latoya A.

If Disney feels like making a Korean princess after Moana because there are inspired by the tales of that location (for example) it should be just as good as getting a hispanic princess. Andrews, police said.Prather gunned down Andrews and her boyfriend, Joseph Terry Brown, and killed two of his own children, including one who begged him not to pull the trigger, police said. Or if the Spanish setting of Gigantic is considered hispanic I hope there is not complaining (I am from Europe so I would not consider Spanish hispanic but I know American often count Spanish people as hispanic).
He then killed himself in the street."His children were his life," Prather's sister Jerdonna Sawyer told The Associated Press by phone. So there won’t be a hispanic princess in the film that would join the line-up and people might get upset. He just chose a terrible way to deal with his pressure and his stress."Prather left no note explaining his actions, Douglas County sheriff's Capt.
Disney and other media companies have always sought after demographics- it’s how you can make money and ensure stable consumption from certain groups.

Andrews got a protective order against him a year and a half ago, court records show.Prather killed his 7-year-old daughter, London, and 9-year-old son, Jeremiah. At one point, she wrote, Prather forced his way inside her locked home when she was there alone. Meetings for him to pick up and drop off the children were to take place in the Douglasville Police Department parking lot, according to the order, which expired Oct. 9.In December 2013, state officials said in a court filing that Prather owed $31,800 in past-due child support.

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