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A pregnant dog that was severely burned is doing much better after being taken in by a local animal rescue group. Pregnancy Resource Centers offer women with non-judgmental support and help at a stressful time in their lives. As an individual or as a group, you can effectively promote and defend pregnancy resource centers. Provide informational resources for pregnant and parenting resources- such as the Resource Guide for Pregnant and Parenting Students! Pro-abortion groups on campus and in the community may not have your PRC’s best interest at heart. A pregnant Morena Baccarin of Showtime's 'Homeland' walks the red carpet at the 2013 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Sept. A 15-year-old pregnant Swedish teenager seized by extremist Islamist fighters in Syria earlier this year has been freed, anonymous sources have told Swedish broadcaster TV4 Nyheterna.
Now eight months pregnant, the teenager travelled with her 19-year-old boyfriend to Syria earlier this summer, where he is said to have joined an extremist group with links to al-Qaeda. The girl, who is from a small town in southern Sweden, was then captured by troops representing militant organization Islamic State (also known by several names, including Isis and IS). According to TV4, its sources in Iraq have now said she was freed by a Kurdish group on Wednesday morning.
While the circumstances of the teenagers' visit to Syria remain unclear, their situation followed a rise in young people making the journey from Scandinavia to the Middle East to join radical groups such as Isis.

Swedish Security Service Sapo said earlier this month that up to 300 Swedes are believed to have travelled to the region to fight in the past three years. More than 220,000 people have been killed in Syria's four-year war, which is increasingly dominated by jihadist groups. A bid from a mediator has been rejected by the union representing SAS pilots in Sweden, but a similar strike in Norway has been avoided. Easy to prepare and simple to store, this Swedish recipe for asparagus soup is well worth trying this weekend. Swedish police have been granted permission to put up security cameras in Stockholm suburbs Rinkeby and Tensta. Swedish police have defended a passport inspector who refused to shake his female colleagues' hands. A Human Rights Watch report has highlighted the problems Sweden's lengthy asylum process can cause for unaccompanied migrant children. The Swedish military has said it looked for another possible submarine earlier this spring, but no evidence was found.
Freddie Ljungberg and Zlatan Ibrahimovic aren't the best of friends, so what did the Sweden legend have to say about his compatriot ahead of Euro 2016?
Nina, a terrier mix, has second to third degree burns on her chest, all the way down to her legs. If you do not know where your closest pregnancy resource center (PRC) is, call (800)395-4357 or go to (and enter your location).

Consider posting in the Student Union, bathroom stalls, coffee shops, libraries, RA boards, and other high traffic spots on campus. The group is said to have entered Isis-controlled territory in the city Tall Kayaf, north of Mosul, where she had spent the past weeks. Around 40 are thought to have died in battle and around 125 currently remain in Syria and Iraq – 90 men and 35 women. They think they are getting away from the leash of patriarchal structures in their families or the areas where they live,” he said.
Call your local PRC and schedule a time to meet with them to learn more about their services and how you and the PRC can work together. We werena€™t sure when we first got her how the burns happened,a€? said Casamento.But Donna thinks Ninaa€™s burns may have been intentional.
And what makes this worse, shea€™s pregnant.a€?Whether she walked into a fire on the ground, like a fire pit or was pushed into a fire pit.
This is a great dog,a€? she said.Vets say once Nina becomes comfortable, theya€™ll be able to perform an ultrasound to see if the puppies are alive.

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