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A guard at a federal prison in New York could be facing 15 years in jail for getting involved in an intimate relationship with an inmate. According to NY Daily News, 30-year-old Ronell Wilson has been a prisoner at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn since 2003. In a 2007 letter to another inmate included as evidence in his trial, he professed his intentions to have a child. One of Gonzalez's phone conversations detailed that she intended to become pregnant, trying to conceive on three separate occasions. She also confessed to being vulnerable and becoming sucked in while acting as Wilson's mentor, putting in efforts to help him.

But the skeletons in their closet reveal a not-so-fun past, including allegations of child abuse against Alana, 6, after she was filmed dancing on top of a bar table for money.
Unpaid bills and dues also seem to be a major problem for the family, and former landlord Michael Nelson claimed the Thompsons owe him money in unpaid rent. She was locked up for four days, and faced an additional 30 days if she didn’t pay the $643 she owed, a court clerk told Star, but she paid the money and was released. Brooklyn federal prosecutors have pressed charges following an investigation that carried on for months. Additional funds in unpaid child support put June behind bars in 2008, after she failed to pay the $643 she owed involving her daughter Anna, now 17.

Although he was paroled after 16 months, it was revoked when he was arrested again for possession of a firearm in 1998.

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