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A University of Houston senior claims she is pregnant with Texans star running back Arian Foster's son and that the football player has been pressuring her to get an abortion. Oblivious: According to Norwood, she had no idea that Foster was married during the year they dated. When she got pregnant, she says Foster and members of his family started harassing her about an abortion.
Norwood says that Foster has refused to help her with medical bills, forcing her to to go on medicaid despite his 'vast financial resources'. Norwood is seeking damages because his behavior pushing for an abortion caused her to 'suffer severe emotional distress'.
Norwood acknowledged that she was due to film a reality show called the 'Blondashian' but that it was never supposed to be about her pregnancy with Foster's child.

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Brittany Norwood, 20, says she started dating Foster about a year ago and fell in love with him without ever knowing he had a wife and kids. In the recently filed lawsuit, Norwood wants Foster to submit to DNA testing to prove his paternity so he can pay child support.
She says the show was going to be focused on hot moms and their hot daughters, and she planned to shoot it with her mother. In response to the lawsuit, Foster filed for a gag order to be placed on Norwood who he says is planning to star in a reality show about being pregnant with his child. On Tuesday, a judge signed an order forbidding either party from harassing each other but would not OK the gag order.

Despite the counter gag-order, Foster has remained mum on the issue and his attorney has refused to comment. When local reporters showed up at his home yesterday, he yelled at them to get off his property.

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