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Someday I’ll get around to taking a picture of the aftermath belly and writing about that. This week is vital for the brain development of the fetus as the nerve cells branch out and connect with each other to form primitive neural pathways [2]. This is the week when your baby’s facial features (eyes, nose and lips) begin to develop [4]. His arms and legs are also getting longer [6] with the hands folding at the wrists and elbows while his body begins to straighten.
The heart divides into the left and right chambers, developing distinct aortic and pulmonary valves [4], beating about 150-160 times per minute (twice the heart rate of adults) [7].
Your belly may be expanding a little while you may even feel the enlarging uterus (it is as big as a softball by this time) if you gently press your abdomen [10]. A hint of the upper lip, the tip of the nose and the eyelids become visible on ultrasound along with two tiny ears.
All the symptoms of early pregnancy and morning sickness continue in the eighth week with nausea, vomiting, headache and dizziness being the most common.

Making sure to include plenty of healthy calories to your diet as you need 300 extra calories per day (600 if you are expecting twins) while pregnant [15]. 31 weeks pregnant - baby development, symptoms, ultrasound, 31 weeks pregnant fetal growth, baby size (single and twins), belly changes, weight gain, ultrasound, pregnancy week 31 symptoms, warning signs, tips, pictures. 9 weeks pregnant - pregnancy week week, At 9 weeks pregnant, learn about your baby's development, pregnancy symptoms, dental care and dads in pregnancy.. 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound - youtube, 2d,3d & 4d ultrasound 10 weeks pregnant male, dr. Unfortunately for those folks though, you can’t buy the chips on my page, just read about how I have an obsession with them. The taste buds also start to form [3] with the spinal cord also continuing to develop during the 8th week [4]. Pigment starts to form within his eyes along with the eyebrows, which may make them appear to be open [5]. The developing lungs start growing branches that connect with the breathing tubes extending from your baby’s throat [8]. Your body has already started to prepare for breastfeeding your baby, which causes your breasts to appear larger than normal [9].

Having the symptoms of morning sickness generally indicates a healthy pregnancy [11]; however, it is also normal to have no symptoms at this stage.
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The tiny tail visible last week is almost gone along with the thin webbing of the fingers and toes [3]. The pituitary gland, liver and kidneys start developing while the muscle fibers, bones and cartilage begin to grow as well.
Your baby has actually started moving this week, but it is still too early for you to feel it. This is also the week when the blood type of your baby is determined and the liver takes over the job of producing the blood cells (previously done by the yolk sac) [7].

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