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Welcome to the world's most popular dog forum with over 1 million posts and 30,000 members. Theres truth behind every 'just kidding', curiosity behind every 'just wondering', knowledge behind every 'i dont know' and emotion behind every ' i dont care'. She's TOTALLY sound under gunfire (admittedly, I wasn't having her heel and it was a starter's pistol, but it didn't phase her at all while gaiting and stacking, the only behaviors she's got on cue right now).

The ringsports are not really very well-suited to collies- most of them are SO averse to putting teeth on a person, even with a sleeve. The other collies that D has are all very laid back and fairly easy-going, so Pebbles has learned to be an absolute BULLY with other dogs (That's why she's visiting - she was picking on Crystal, Rittie's sister, who Debbie just bought) She's headed back for the show ring this spring but may get to come live here longer term in the summer and we'll see about getting a couple of performance titles on her.

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