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Still, as today’s date has loomed, people have been asking more and more when I am due.
What makes all of this even harder to swallow is that ever since my pregnancy bump started showing, people have been guessing that I will go early. In the meantime, you can find me over here trying out all 40 ways to naturally induce labour… once I finish packing my hospital bag of course. Fun Fact:¬†Cameron was born four days after his due date, though labour started at three days after. I think the hardest part about going over your due date (even though many women do go over) is the mental part of it.
I feel so guilty because I feel like I no longer do a good job at soaking up my time with Cameron. On the other hand, he has been turning into a real Mama’s Boy over the last few days, so maybe I am doing something right. I will definitely try to focus on Cam and Mom time as we wait for Baby to make an appearance!
4 years ago, I had my girl 4 weeks early due to complications… and my dear friend and neighbor, who was due 2 weeks after me ended up going 2 weeks past her due date.
This time around, as she watches my belly expand way past where it was with my first, she just laughs with me. I admit, it is really hard to see someone who was due around the same time as me already get to hold their baby.
I know how you must feel because I remember, every fibre of my being was convniced that wed morning, that the day would not end without labor and or a baby – it was not ALLOWED (but that labor must wait till afternoon as I had a much anticipated playdate that mroning). I’m keeping these suggestions for next time, I epsiecally love the simple food things!
Because even though everyone knows that babies are rarely born on their actual estimated date of delivery, a due date feels more like an expiry date than anything else.

I find myself getting frustrated when women or doctors try to rush a body’s natural inclination to allow labour to start and progress on its own.
I started showing early labour signs with Cameron around 35 weeks and had started to dialate around 37 or 38 weeks. As a work at home mom, she blogs about life at home with her husband Dan and three sons Cameron (age 5), Gavin (age 3), and Logan (age 1).
I so look forward to our post-nap snuggles because they are pretty much the only time we are able to do something close, where he is willing to sit still and I don’t have to expend too much energy. I did a few weeks before Cameron was born (although the place I went was VERY careful not to do anything that would induce labour. I was 3 days early with #1, and already dilated at 36 weeks, my doctor is sure I might go a little early and quickly, which is okay with me!
Because, yes, when you’re this large and uncomfortable, sometimes all you can do is laugh. For forty weeks we look forward to this date, we count down to this date, we repeat this date over and over. Babies are considered full term at 37 weeks but it is generally thought that they can stay safely inside of Mama until 42 weeks.
There is without a doubt a point in which labour needs to be coaxed medically if it isn’t happening, but too often I see this happening earlier than I believe is necessary.
I went into labour on my own, but still needed to be induced after my body failed to progress. When she has time, she can be found reading, writing, snapping photos, or awkwardly running.
I almost wanted to hang onto pregnancy for as long as possible because I knew that he and I were experiencing such a special bond that could never be replaced.
It took me nearly five weeks, broken waters, and a pitocin drip to get me from 1 cm to 10 cms.

Even though I know this baby will be here sometime within the next 2 weeks, this past-due period is some weird mental vortex that feels like FOREVER when we’re in it.
Today is when I simply must give everything over to the natural rhythms of my body and pray that I will go into labour on my own, when I am ready. Laura has been recognized as one of Canada's Top 10 Mom Bloggers by multiple publications, including Reader's Digest.
He would be born and then he would spend the rest of his wonderful life growing up and away. Normally 2 weeks is a short period of time but for me right now it feel like it might as well be 2 years.
Maybe I’ll convince myself that enough Mango Pineapple smoothies from McDonalds will have the same effect, but I am pretty sure that is not how it works.
Relish the days you have to just soak up Cameron before a 4th person changes the family dynamic! But sharing those two years of growing with him has been so exciting that I just want to start that process with this new baby. I should be assuming that this baby will be born sometime in April, but not necessarily by, or even around April 18th.
I want to meet this baby and find out if we are having a boy or a girl and decide on a name and I do want to share this new baby – especially with the big brother who is waiting patiently with me.

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