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Spotting during pregnancy is something that is described as a small amount of blood passing through the vagina.
Spotting during pregnancy could be noticed as discharge on the panty or on the tissue as a woman wipes after going to the bathroom. As a general rule, any spotting during pregnancy, other than that which occurs during the very early part of pregnancy could be a sign of a threatened miscarriage.
The only spotting during pregnancy that is considered normal is known as Implantation Bleeding.
This is typically seen a few days prior to the time that a woman would ordinarily have got her period; in other words it could be seen 7 to 10 days after conception. Not all women experience this implantation spotting during pregnancy and not all early pregnancy spotting is OK.
If the spotting or bleeding is of pinkish (lighter than the color of blood) or brownish (darker than the color of blood) then it could be the implantation that is causing it. Many women report spotting during pregnancy with no particular negative consequences; however spotting during pregnancy, late or early should be reported. In the event of spotting during pregnancy, the best course of action is to inform the doctor and to take rest in the meantime; while refraining from lifting heavy objects or doing vigorous exercise.
This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Its happening to me to right now, am 4weeks gone and am scared don't know what to do had to leave my place of work. This could be implantation bleeding which is normal during pregnancy but still check with your doctor to be on a safe side.

Its normal in some women prolly it was two eggs that got fertilised and one failed to implant hence the blood.
I dont think is a good sign,please see a doctor immidately try a private hospital.good luck and may God see you through in jesus name amen. My dear, it is well with you, there is actually nothing that the doctors can do at this early stage.
Hello dear , before ever coming to any blog to publish your please try to do a little not of research on Google. I usually experience ds in d 1st trimester of my pregnancies, its called threatened abortion, n may be due to horminal imbalance in early pregnancy. You sure need to go on Bed rest if its ONLY blood spotting, this is what Doctors will advise you to do, i had a similar experience twice during my first trimester and it was discovered that i stress myself to much so i was advised to go on Bed rest for 3 days.
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While it is true that in some rare cases women menstruate almost as normal throughout their pregnancy and then go on to deliver perfectly healthy babies, this is not at all common. Since you can't get medical attention at the moment, I advice you take a self- bed rest until u are able to see your gynaecologist.

Had blood spot sometime back and said I she take a lot of rest and stay off sex with hubby for at least two weeks, if not will be at risk of losing the baby. My wife noticed same when she was pregnant, she went gaga and went to a lab for scan to confirm the baby still dey. She had to take a good rest and after 3 days it stopped and she had her baby after 9 months.Please take a good rest and if after 2 days it continues, see a doc. Please I sent you a mail to help me post about where ivf can be done in lagos and how much. Think you should try same and please visit a private hospital instead of waiting for striking govt workers.
Cant u pay extra money and go to a good private hospital that is not on strike to get checked out and be sure nothing is wrong? If so that prego most likely wont survive but if not hold on and keep praying then go for another test in 2 weeks.
Everyday they will tell me not to put my mind on the pregnancy because it will most likely be a miscarriage. Please get on the internet and do some reasearch if you don't have pregnancy books to read. I gave had two miscarriages , the second one was hell, I walked my 4yr old son back from school, had my 1 year old on my back and my baby fell out.

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