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MTP KIT is a non surgical method which has a benefit over surgical methods like it is non invasive and uncomplicated way to terminate pregnancy. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. But since being pregnant has been such a huge part of my life over the past several months I thought I would share those things that I have found the most helpful.
Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy – I got this book for my best friend when she was pregnant a year ago after reading good reviews about it. Neti Pot – I got a really bad sinus cold during the second trimester and there is not a whole lot you can take while pregnant, so the Neti Pot was my best friend for a few weeks.
Glass Water Bottle - In an effort to stay away from BPA and other chemicals found in plastic, I bought this cute glass water bottle at Target. Prenatal Vitamins – I started taking prenatal vitamins before I even got pregnant just to make sure I was getting all the essentials vitamins and supplements. Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge¬†- My husband got me this for Christmas and I think I’ve used it every night since.

Before using the abortion pill it is vital step to determine the duration of the pregnancy. Wide Tip & Long Handle Urin Midstream Tests for Accurate Comfortable Clean and Unmessy Usage. It help make sure I’m getting enough water throughout the day, but makes it a little less boring.
She bought it for me (in this cute little pregnancy survival kit you can see below!) when she found out I was pregnant. This tea is pretty good and I really think it helped me with nausea during the first trimester because it has ginger in it. At first, I just switched to wedges, but even that got to be a little much on a day to day basis.
I know people can be a little apprehensive about using one, but I have to say they really do work and make you feel so much better. It’s filled with lots are great things that any pregnant person would be so happy to get.
We all had moms who had stretch marks too, so you can’t say it was just good genetics.

It is a very quick read, but is a humorous approach to all things pregnancy related (and there is nothing off limits!).
You basically can keep your pants unbuttoned or unzipped and then pull the elastic over them to keep them in place. I think the best thing is that this is small enough that I have been able to pack it away if we were out of town for a night. Developed to the highest international standards, Periolla's tests are highly sensitive and designed with a longer stick so they are more comfortable and hygienic to use. During the first trimester, I wanted nothing to do with green veggies smoothies, but as I got into the second trimester I slowly worked them back into my diet.
I just hope that my feet don’t actually grow during pregnancy and I can fit back into all my heels one day!
Of course, it is a little heavier than a plastic water bottle would be, but it’s not too bad.

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