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The quality of foods that we put into our body should be nutrient rich in order to feed our baby’s needs and our own needs.
Personally speaking, during my third pregnancy, I refused to look at the scale when I was weighed. Frustrating how most articles on the Internet or pregnancy app talks about weight from a slow metabolism’s perspective.
Coming to my diet my spouse was very cautious on diet and he never let me hungry at any moment ??and feed only vegan (no junk at all) . I am very health-conscious- eat right, exercise, but relaxed enough to be able to treat very occasionally with something less healthy. I’ve gained 44 lb on my first pregnancy and my doctor was annoying me nonstop to go to a nutritionist and control the gain.
My first pregnancy i think i gained about 75lbs but that was because i didnt work and just slept and ate all day lol.
I am glad I saw this post, I am very glad that I am not the only one who seems to feel this way about my weight gain.
I have raised my weight gain concerns with my obgyn and two midwives, and NO ONE will take me seriously. I went to a walk in clinic for a sore wrist and the nurse wanted to weigh me because I was pregnant. I was really self conscious in the first 20 weeks about my weight but the funny thing was my obstetrician never weighed me.
I couldn’t agree more- pregnancy is not the time to worry too much about your weight. I had a high BMI at the start of my pregnancy so was told I would be followed by a consultant. While I’m pregnant, I want to enjoy all of it- yes I have problems like everyone else but for those 40 weeks and during breastfeeding, my baby is more important than anything! Im 27 weeks and after suffering hyperemesis gravidarum I have not gained a pound and am still 2 kg under my pre-pregnancy weight. As pregnant women, we get that monitoring our weight is an ultra important way in monitoring the health of the baby inside us, and ensures that we are taking care of ourselves as well. We also get that according to a host of pregnancy authorities, we should only gain an average of 35ish pounds during pregnancy. I would step on without slipping off my shoes, close my eyes, and tell my nurse that I didn’t want to know how much I weighed.
Health & Parenting Ltd disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information, which is provided to you on a general information basis only and not as a substitute for personalized medical advice. Very seldom is anyone going through my struggle of trying to keep what I gain and gain more.

For both my pregnancies now I’ve lost over 20 lbs until about week 32 or so then I have gained about 6 lbs or so. I was one of the women that started gaining weight and showing belly right at the beginning of the pregnancy. Four months after that I had my normal weight again only by breastfeeding, which really does all the job for you. It’s good to hear that your baby can be completely healthy even if you gain too little or too much weight, makes me stress less.
By week 20 I had already gained 34 pounds but I’m doing the same things during this pregnancy as the last one.
I started at 110 pounds prepregnancy with a very low BMI and it’s taken a lot for me to put on the weight and I seem to have plateaued over the last few weeks. I really needed to read this today as I was in tears when at 14 weeks my OB told me I am showing too fast. I am pregnant with baby number five and I have always gained too much weight throughout my pregnancies, but I always managed to lose the pounds again after!!
I have just started my 3rd trimester and have slowly been putting 4 of those kilos back on. My weight just seemed to vanish over about 5 months- I don’t check regularly but on average around a llb a week with just eating healthily. I’m a small girl too and although my BMI is in the middle of healthy for my height, my body is suffering from not being able to eat enough.
And yes, we have also heard all the warnings that losing the baby weight post delivery can be much harder than we think it is. The baby takes what it needs from the mother and the mother needs to be adequately fed to maintain her own health and avoid issues like preeclampsia, toxemia, low birth weight babies and the like.
It made my feel bad and guilty like I was doing something wrong to my baby even before it was born, but the fact is I did not eat much more than before and could not understand the fast gain of weight. My doctor told me it was good I finally put on the weight, but NOT good I did it all at once. By 40 weeks I will likely exceed the upper recommended weight gain maximum of 16 kg for my pre pregnancy BMI category i.e.
I explained that I was under the care of a midwife for my pregnancy and unless there was a medical reason, I was not going to get on a scale. I was doing really well regarding diet and exercise, but morning sickness has limited what my stomach will hold down.
I chose to ignore the warnings about my weight gain, and so far my babies were always healthy and the pregnancy is less stressful, enough other things to worry about anyway!

You can go back to your old ways afterwards but allow yourself some timeout from your obsession for your baby’s sake. My doctor said that all of the weight I’ve lost has come from my fat reserves and the baby has gained so my body is now evening out. As someone who looks forward to the little things I read on this app, this article, despite not being much of a surprise was disappointing. But I have always been athletic and more on the muscular side and muscle does weigh more than fat . My blood pressure is fine, my belly growth is on track… if weight was important or relevant I would be weighed. I asked him about it & he said he doesnt need to weigh me, that people put too much emphasis on weight but he can tell from the size of my belly how im going. I at my starting wieght 233lbs (i had lost the 3lbs in the beginning but gained it back) have only gained 2lbs which makes me 235lbs. Each woman is different, and it shouldn’t be a big deal exactly how much you weigh unless it poses a problem for your baby, or an immediate threat to your body.
I just got over a three day flu and lost 5 pounds but doctors and midwives arent worried at all. At this point, I would love for someone to pick me up on my weight gain; it is not healthy for me or baby. During my anatomy ultrasound scan my little baked bean measured pretty perfectly as I was only 2 days off of first recorded due date . I have not been exercising and have been including more junk food than usual in my diet, so entirely my fault. I lost all the weight but the new 3 cups larger breastfeeding boobs (10 lbs.) Moved and now pregnant with my second daughter- 27 weeks. Losing 10-12 kgs post birth to get back to healthy pre baby weight will not be easy and in the meantime my fitness level is steadily declining. I’m coming to the end of my pregnancy and I must say I am starting to stress out about complications that may come up like preeclampsia for example! I’m eating 3 meals a day, no snacks and spending all day running and swimming after a super active toddler.

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