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Your fetus is super-busy practicing for life outside of your womba€”from lungs that breathe amniotic fluid to a heart that beats strongly. Your baby has now learned to sleep and wake on a schedulea€”although probably not one that syncs well with yours! From the moment a woman discovers she is pregnant her mind is cluttered with an endless stream of questions.

If you deliver at 27 weeks, your baby's respiratory and immune system will be under-developed, but with special care your baby will be healthy. 23 WEEKS PREGNANT - FETAL DEVELOPMENT II a¤—a¤°a??a¤­a¤?a¤µa¤?a??a¤?a¤? a¤•a¤? 23 a¤µa¤?a¤‚ a¤?a¤«a??a¤¤a¤? - a¤­a??a¤°a?‚a¤? a¤µa¤?a¤•a¤?a¤? II.

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