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One little one will win the Micuna Smart Fresh Bassinet, a mobile sleep station that combines style, safety and function. Four fortunate families will win an Interactive World Map wall decal from The Lovely Wall, so they can inspire a love of geography and exploration from a young age.
Becoming a new black mom for the first, second, or third time is exhilarating and overwhelming. Your first step, as a pregnant black woman, is to find out how much time you have to pull it altogether before the stork comes. To make your birth experience as a new black mom special for you and your newborn black baby – you need the right healthcare team.  You want to pick the expert who will provide the right support to create the best experience.  Do you want a doula, midwife, or only a doctor?
The Black Mom Resource Guide also has directories of all the online prenatal classes that you can take as a pregnant black woman.  Sure you could spend hours finding those listings yourself, but why waste that time when you can have a complete listing in front of you after two minutes, using this guide which summarizes what each site offers. Finally, having a baby can be fun!  We want you to enjoy it!  We have tips on how to have a fun time with baby.  We tell you about how to start a play date and some of the fun massage and fitness classes that you can take. And, again, Congratulations!  This is an exciting time, we want you to have all the resources and info you deserve to have a healthy pregnancy, smooth delivery and services you need as a new black mom.
Black History Month Activities - Highlights of the best activities across the country and more.

How to Raise Success & Self-Esteem in Black Kids - Learn proven methods to raise black children to be confident and successful despite racism. Infertility affects many couples due to many factors including low sperm and egg quality, low sperm count, irregular ovulation cycle etc. Your pregnancy is dated from the start of your last period, although conception usually occurs 2 weeks later.
When a woman is pregnant, one of the side effects that she must face is the morning sickness or waves of nausea.
Whether to choose breastfeeding or bottle feeding is still a big dilemma for many new moms. Parents have an important part to play in teaching manners and etiquettes to their children.
Diaper rash or a nappy rash is commonly caused by the bacteria and chemicals in the urine of your baby and fecal matter.
To experience pains in your breasts during and sometimes after breastfeeding is quite common. For women who are trying to conceive, knowing the best time to get pregnant can significantly ease the process.

During pregnancy, water retention is a condition in which high level of estrogen Harmon cause uncomfortable condition for a pregnant woman. Motivation is the energy which drives an individual towards their goal and helps them to achieve it. Use our due date calculator to find out when your new arrival is expected and our pregnancy calculator to find when a black mom can expect that ultrasound and more.  After you get an estimate and time table on what to expect, we help you find the experts and classes you deserve to make everything easy. Read here.  Don’t know what a midwife is?  Read more.  Need help knowing the exact role of a doula or a midwife?
This section of the guide helps you recognize and handle postpartum depression — an all too common ailment. Find it in this guide, which gives you all the info you need to pick the right expert to make your pregnancy special. Having a baby is a very important part in a woman’s life, but the reason for having a baby is more important.

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