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The first trimester (12 weeks) of pregnancy can be the most difficult with many women experiencing nausea, pain, bleeding and miscarriage. Other causes of NVP may include urinary infections, thyroid abnormalities or gastroenteritis and your doctor may perform some investigations to help rule these out. It is important to keep up your intake of fluids, and this can include sports drinks or soft drinks which may provide some extra calories and salts to replace what is being lost. If you are unable to tolerate anything orally including fluids, and have severe vomiting, you may need to have fluids for dehydration.  Contact your doctor at Alana Healthcare or present to your local Emergency Department for assistance. Bleeding can also be arising from another location such as the cervix from polyps or infection.  Not uncommonly, no cause for the bleeding is found. If the bleeding is heavy and you are passing clots, you have significant pain or are feeling dizzy you need to seek urgent medical advice from your local Emergency Department.  Otherwise make an appointment with your GP to arrange initial investigations and referral to the Alana Bleeding Clinic. When a woman has bleeding during her pregnancy her doctor will need to take a history of when the bleeding occurred and whether there are other symptoms such as pain.  An examination will be performed which will include a speculum (like having a pap smear) to look at the cervix and an internal examination to see if the uterus is the expected size and whether pain can be elicited.
Blood tests will be performed which will include a BhCG level (pregnancy hormone) and a blood count as well as the blood group if this is not already known.  If you are a negative blood group you will be offered Anti-D which helps to prevent against the development of antibodies. An ultrasound will also be performed to assess the pregnancy.  In particular we will be looking for the pregnancy in the right location, that there is a fetus present and whether the fetus has a heartbeat (seen from 6 weeks of the pregnancy). Miscarriage is more common as women get older due to an increased likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities.  Women who smoke or drink in the first trimester are also more likely to miscarry in their pregnancy. Occasionally, medical illnesses which aren’t controlled like diabetes or thyroid problems can be related to miscarriage, as can clotting problems.
It is normal to have one or two miscarriages, however if you have three miscarriages your doctor may investigate to see if there is an underlying cause. Complete miscarriage – is where the pregnancy tissue has completely passed from your body and the uterus is empty.  Usually no further treatment is required. Missed miscarriage – is where there has been no pain or bleeding but the pregnancy has stopped growing.  Again, this can be managed in a number of ways that your Obstetrician will explain to you. Going through a miscarriage is a distressing time and it can be important to get emotional or psychological support.  Your GP or Alana Obstetrician can help to refer you to someone who you can talk to at this time. Ectopic pregnancy is where the developing pregnancy is outside the cavity of the uterus.  The most common place for an ectopic pregnancy to occur is in the fallopian tube.
The main risk from an ectopic pregnancy is that the pregnancy may outgrow the site that it has settled and cause damage to that site and heavy bleeding. If you have pain and bleeding in early pregnancy (usually between 4-12 weeks), then you should consult a medical professional at the soonest possible time. Sometimes there can be doubt as to whether there is an early pregnancy inside the uterus or an ectopic pregnancy. Conservative treatments: Conservative treatment is not often recommended, since the risk of having a significant complication such as rupture of the ectopic pregnancy and life-threatening bleeding is present. Medical treatments: Medical treatments such as methotrexate are suitable for some women with an ectopic pregnancy. The first step in the laparoscopy is to assess the pelvis, at which time the best treatment will be decided upon.
If the tube is opened (called a salpingotomy), then there is an increased chance for a further ectopic pregnancy to occur in the same tube.
If the ectopic pregnancy has burst (ruptured), then there may be significant bleeding into the abdomen.
If the other tube is abnormal, then your doctor will try and save the tube with the ectopic. If this is not the first ectopic that you have had, and the other tube is abnormal, then it may be safer to remove the tube and consider IVF for pregnancy.
Your doctor will discuss the various forms of treatment with you, with reference to your particular case.
In the event of a life-threatening emergency, you should always be guided by your doctor and what is safest for your immediate health. If a situation arises where both tubes have been removed, then the only alternative for future pregnancy is IVF treatment.
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Was not as sensitive as advertised as it did not show anything but a very very faint night on day 11 after ovulation. We used the ovulation strips from here to predict when I would ovulate (took me 26 days to get a surge this month). These tests enabled me to safely be pregnant without putting the little one at risk, as I am on medication that needs to be stopped within 6 weeks of being pregnant. There are other places where an ectopic pregnancy can occur including on the ovary, in the wall of the uterus or caesarean scar, in the cervix or attached to other organs in the pelvis or abdomen including the lining of the abdomen. For severe pain you should always present to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital if you cannot contact your doctor.
It is possible for an ectopic pregnancy to resolve spontaneously, though there are certain predictive factors that make this course of action more favourable, such as a low pregnancy hormone level, a small ectopic size (< 2 cm) and no obvious signs of bleeding (such as the diagnosis of blood in the pelvic cavity on ultrasound).
If you have severe pain or heavy bleeding during this time of observation, then you should present to the Emergency Department immediately for assessment.
It is important to follow the pregnancy hormone level to < 5 units to ensure that the treatment has been effective. This is where a thin telescope is placed into the umbilicus (belly button) under general anaesthetic to look at the inside of the abdomen and pelvis. Generally, if there is an ectopic in one fallopian tube, and the other is normal, then the tube with the ectopic in it will be surgically removed. This does increase the recurrent ectopic rate and will mean that serial blood tests and even ultrasound may be necessary as follow-up.
Because a ruptured ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening, trying to salvage a tube if there is a significant risk of a further ectopic pregnancy may not be in your best interests. You should be guided by your doctor’s expertise in the area, since there may be special factors involved in any particular case.
Conserving a tube is dangerous if it has burst and in these circumstances it should always be removed. If this is the case, then you should discuss with your doctor what other treatment options are available. Generally removing the tube with the ectopic pregnancy will be performed, as it has the same chance of achieving a normal pregnancy in the future, with a reduced risk of complications.
Also, the strip kept getting darker up to 20 dpo, which was very reassuring while waiting for an appointment.
I never had any problems with the other brand but just felt like switching it up since I was ordering other products from this site. I am looking to have another child and knew right where to go to find out the exciting news the earliest. They're extremely affordable, and as many women can attest - you need a LOT to deal with the "pee on a stick obsession" when TTC! Tubal pregnancy makes up about 98% of all ectopic pregnancies, the other sites are all rare. The absence of pain does not exclude an ectopic pregnancy and occasionally they are found during a routine early ultrasound. This is not common and most ectopic pregnancies are diagnosed and treated before they burst (or rupture). A history of your symptoms will be taken and your doctor will perform an examination of the cervix and the uterus (womb) by gently feeling them.

The diagnosis can take a few days to a few weeks and it is important to tell your doctor if there are any changes to your symptoms. Side effects that can occur after treatment with methotrexate include stomach upset and nausea, hair loss and skin rash. This will ensure that there is a reduced chance of a further ectopic pregnancy and that all the pregnancy tissue is removed. If a salpingotomy is performed then it is possible that not all of the pregnancy tissue will be removed and further treatments, such as methotrexate or more surgery may be required.
In such circumstances, the abdomen is usually opened through a large incision to control the bleeding.
Even if you ovulate (release an egg) from the ovary where the tube has been removed, then the other tube can pick up that egg.
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If you have severe pain or heavy bleeding during this time of observation, then you should present immediately to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital for assessment. Most women and their families are concerned that the loss of one of their tubes will mean a decreased chance of pregnancy. For these reasons, when the tube without the ectopic is normal then the best treatment appears to be removing the tube with the ectopic completely. If there are no signs of shock due to large blood loss, then laparoscopy is a better form of treatment as there is less pain, a quicker recovery, fewer days in hospital, smaller scars and less risk of adhesions (scar tissue in the abdomen). I am one of those people who love to test, so it was SO hard for me not to want to go pee on that stick. I am continuing to use them to make sure my hormones are still increasing until I can get an ultrasound to relieve my worries.
The first thing that I liked as soon as I opened it was that they were thicker than the other tests I was using. It does appear to be increasing, probably due to better treatments for pelvic infections, and a higher rate of surgery performed in the pelvis and the abdomen. It is possible for an ectopic pregnancy to rupture even after treatment with methotrexate and if there is a sudden increase in pain or change in symptoms then you should immediately present to the Emergency Department.
Research to date has shown that there is no change in the chance for a normal pregnancy if the tube with an ectopic is removed completely or if it is surgically opened, the pregnancy removed and the tube is left to heal. The instructions and test are clear and easy to use and they are packaged discreetly so you don't have to sneak around hoping no one sees you buying a pregnancy test. If you are in the early part of your pregnancy and there is vaginal bleeding or pain, then you should seek medical advice at the earliest possible time. This allows better pictures to be taken and can diagnose a pregnancy inside the uterus, or elsewhere (an ectopic) more easily than an ultrasound performed through the abdomen. I've used these tests with a previous pregnancy, and I got my positive results fairly quick so if these ones are much like those ones, it won't be too long at all :) I recommend for sure!
Whilst a more common possibility with pain and bleeding in the early part of pregnancy is miscarriage, diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy is important because it can be dangerous. Now I am using the remaining strips every other day to watch the line get darker while I wait for my Dr.

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