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I never wrote my 21 week bump update, (although I did post at 20 weeks about our scan), so there is a bit more to catch up on this time. My bump growth appears to have slowed right down, although it depends on the day as some days I wake up feeling particularly small, and others I look ready to pop before I have even eaten breakfast! I am feeling much more movement now, although this little guy seems to be following the same pattern his big brother did - something that sends me into panic every single week! Whilst at 23 weeks with both the other boys, I felt on top of the world and positively glowing, having two small children is taking its toll and I find I nap given any opportunity as I feel constantly tired. Adventure, an award winning blog documenting the adventures big and little that being a parent entails. The picture in black was taken at 23 weeks, and the lovely one in my pyjamas was at 21, showing quite the difference! He wriggles and kicks lots for around 4 days, and then has one or two where he pretty much doesn't move. I think pretzel keeps changing position as I am feeling movement in different areas on different days still. I had personalised growth charts this time too and I have to say they are fantastic- I wish all women had them.
Mine is much less neat than last time round, ce la vie!I'm starting to feel proper movements now too like you, which is lovely!

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