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The Food and Drug Administration announced that they will implement changes on labeling prescription drugs to help pregnant women determine medicines that are safe for consumption easier than before. The FDA said that the old system that uses letters A, B, C, D and X to categorize drugs will be improved by implementing three detailed subsections to give pregnant information on the risks and benefits of prescription drugs that they are planning to take.
Under the new rule, drug manufacturers should use three subsections in labeling - "Pregnancy," "Lactation" and "Female and Males of Reproductive Potential" - to provide detailed information about the risk of using the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The "Pregnancy" subsection will inform consumers about proper dosing and possible side effects of the drug to developing fetus. The "Lactation" subsection provides details about the estimated amount of drug that could go in breast milk and the potential effects to a breastfed child, while the "Female and Males of Reproductive Potential" subsection gives information about pregnancy testing, contraception and infertility.

The new rule, which will take in effect in June, will be beneficial to many women in the United States. The Executive Director of American Civil Liberties Union Georgia chapter resigned over the organization’s stance on directive allowing use of bathrooms as per gender identity. The United Methodist Church members of the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference voted down a married lesbian woman’s ordination as Deacon on June 1. If there is potential risk to pregnant women, manufactures should also include information about existence of pregnancy registries that study effects of drugs or biological products during pregnancy. Joanne Stone, director of Maternal Fetal Medicine at The Mount Sinai Hospital, said in an interview with CBS News.

According to FDA, there are more than six million pregnancies in the country per year, and most pregnant women, who have history of asthma and high blood pressure, take at least three prescription drugs during pregnancy.

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