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A comprehensive overview of the equipment and techniques used by respiratory therapists to treat cardiopulmonary dysfunction, Mosby’s Respiratory Care Equipment, 9th edition provides a “how-to” approach that moves beyond technical descriptions of machinery. NBRC-style Self-Assessment Questions at the end of every chapter prepares you for credentialing exams.
Learn to identify equipment, understand how it works, and apply your knowledge to clinical practice.
Streamlined ventilator coverage presents information on the most often-used devices with more tables and bulleted lists for easy reference. Evolve site allows access to information that isn’t easily found in other texts or manuals, including older or outdated ventilators that are still in use today.

List of Ventilators organized by application area and manufacturer make review and research quick and easy. Clinical Approach provides you with a “how-to” approach to identifying equipment, understanding how it works, and applying the information in clinical practice.
Sleep Diagnostics chapter discusses sleep and the impact of sleep disorders on cardiopulmonary function. Cardiovascular Diagnostics chapter provides a review in an area where RTs are treating an increasing number of cardiovascular cases.
Clinical Scenario boxes (formerly Clinical Rounds) allow you to apply material learned to a clinical setting.

The 9th edition includes streamlined information on the latest ventilators, a new chapter on simulation learning devices, and additional, easy-to-access content on the Evolve site.

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