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Featured Lifestyle ArticlesThe Very Best Organizing Tips to Get You Ready for Spring Cleaning10 Fun Ways to Celebrate St. It is not something we expect when we are pregnant, but it happens; and when it does, it’s terrifying.
Keep reading for a list of the most common reasons for why one would experience pregnancy bleeding.
While the egg is trying to attach itself to the uterine wall, bleeding can occur (around three weeks after conception).
With both previous babies her cycle came back at 8 weeks, so a relatively early return to cycling was expected. Okay, so I know this is going to come across as very ignorant, and I also know I am very late in posting, but I have a question.

So I could really use some advice, especially if any of you have experienced something like this.I had a sudden hypotension las night night, which I know is normal during pregnancy, but still it scared me, since I also felt my abdomen kinda "tight". Ask most 3-year-olds how old they are and they'll proudly raise the correct number of fingers. Bleeding during pregnancy isn’t too uncommon for the first 12 weeks, up to about a week before delivery. However, in the case of placenta previa, the placenta slides down to the bottom of the uterus and covers the cervix, causing mild bleeding. At other times, however, this could make vaginal birth impossible, making it necessary for a C-section.
This stupid doctor scared the crap out of me!  Because my obgyn told me that some brown spotting during early pregnancy was normal, it was just the pregnancy "fixing itself".

I had no bleeding and no cramps, how could she use the words "threatened miscarriage" so lightly?
Bright red blood that is emitted painlessly will be the indication that the placenta may be partially covering (in some cases completely covering) the cervix. No bleeding or spotting either.Anyhow, I ended up in the ER, since it's close to my house and it couldn't hurt to have me checked out. Doctor thinks it's blood, because of little bleeding she found when she inserted her hand down there.

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