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Item #5001P The Pregnancy & Birth chart presents a detailed overview of the process from conception to birth. After nine long months of anticipation, every mom's in awe when her little one finally sees the light of day. Bathtub birthing is a method of choice for many mamas-to-be — but a home water birth during Hurricane Sandy takes the practice to a whole new level.
While it's not all that uncommon for twins to have different birth dates, one British mum recently gave birth to twins in different countries!
From catering to flowers and place settings, weddings involve plenty of preparation — but as any new bride can tell you, there are some nuptial details you just can't plan in advance. A British Royal Artillery gunner deployed in March to the front lines of Afghanistan made international headlines when she deliver baby ever in a war zone. When Ninfa Ramirez began experiencing labor pains, her boyfriend, Armando Ortiz, rushed her to the nearest New York hospital to deliver.
On her way to give birth, Kimberly Thomas realized she wasn't going to make it to the hospital in time. The previous 2 nights I had terrible pain in my lower belly and a total of 4hrs sleep for both nights. Dr L once again agreed to the a€?gentle caesareana€? which we went over the elements that were important to me. I had come to terms with the possibility of a c-section weeks before, but this was something I wasna€™t prepared for.
We are a market preferred manufacturer, supplier and exporter of knowledge enhancing Human Physiology Charts.
The IEET is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization registered in the State of Connecticut in the United States. For many women, one question that comes up is whether contraception is making weight management harder.
The net-net is that any time a woman is contracepting is a time she is also likely to be gaining weight, regardless of any effects from contraception.
Independent of the question of efficacy, the best research available suggests that most contraceptives have little effect on weight, with a few important exceptions. Patch, Ring, Pill –It is widely believed by women and doctors alike that the Pill and related combination contraceptives (all around 91% effective) cause weight gain. Barrier Methods—For a barrier method like condoms or a diaphragm (82-88% effective), the primary weight question is going to be unintended pregnancy. For a woman who wants a child, hormonal changes and weight gain related to pregnancy are a small price to pay, and indeed they are a small part of the price we gladly pay when we decide to have a baby. As a social commentator, Tarico writes and speaks on issues ranging from religious fundamentalism to gender roles, to reproductive rights and technologies.
Learning is a central aspect of our contemporary times, and can be considered the internalization of skills and ideas that can be unconsciously (skillfully) applied and form the basis of our choices and actions in the world. Perhaps an illusion of individuality is the very cause of our modern problems of exploitation and greed. The overall structure of the female reproductive system is illustrated with smaller images showing the zygote stages. And while every birth is special, a few mamas defy more than just the standard odds, experiencing the kinds of deliveries that get prime-time coverage on the local news. During the November 2012 superstorm, New Jersey mama Abby Wellington (herself a pediatrician and second-year neo-natal fellow) gave birth with the help of hubby Stephen (who filmed the birth on his phone), the couple's neighbor, and a tiny flashlight from the Dollar Store as their only light. Donna Keenan was watching the Euro Cup at the home of her boyfriend's parents in England when her water broke. The mama, who claims she didn't know she was pregnant, first sought medical attention after experiencing what she thought were severe stomach pains. Despite her symptoms, doctors assured the couple that their baby wasn't coming just yet and they could leave. But she found one last doctor who deemed she was healthy enough for childbirth and agreed to perform in vitro fertilization using her remaining embryos. Seeing a gas station with a police car parked outside, her boyfriend, Danny Miller, pulled into the lot and ran inside to tell the officers that his girlfriend was in labor.
I could hear the doctors and nurses talking about their latest vacations, somebodya€™s new pet and not once was I addressed. If Dr L couldna€™t or didna€™t want to do the gentle cesarean, then she should have said so.
These charts provide proper detail on physiology of human beings in a understandable manner. But as food supplies have become reliable and rich, people around the world face the opposite problem. At age 13, many girls are menstruating and some have reached their adult height,  but the average weight is 100 pounds. Consequently, in all clinical trials of contraceptives some women complain of weight gain, and so virtually all contraceptives list weight gain as a possible side effect. This means that, despite some challenges in insertion and adjustment, it is the gold standard for women who want no artificial hormones. Unlike an IUD, an implant releases a systemic dose of hormone, which has both advantages and disadvantages. With an annual failure rate of one in eight, a woman using a barrier method needs to be prepared for the eventuality of either an abortion or an unplanned child. Surprisingly, except in women already prone to gain and retain weight, childbearing itself has little long term effect on body weight.

Our learning through institutions is an indoctrination of cultural knowledge, biases and ways of constructing the world, both through our constructive perception and our artifacts.
If we don’t see ourselves in a network of dependence on others, then it is only logical to exploit others for our betterment. In the mist of the commotion, the couple lost the syringe to suction baby's nose in the bathtub and used kitchen scissors to cut the umbilical cord! By the time paramedics arrived, they had no choice but to deliver the couple's first twin right then and there.
Given the 39-weeks pregnant bride was days away from her due date, her small-town mayor made it his personal goal to speed through their service. After settling in his girlfriend at home, Armando left to run an errand — only to be called back shortly thereafter by Ninfa, who confirmed their baby was indeed on its way.
Although none of the officers had delivered a baby before, one did have medical training and could tell the baby was coming quickly. I also had plenty of pressure from family members that were pushing me to fall in line with Dr La€™s plan. Her nurse came in and I had a little giggle that he looked just like Alton Brown from the Food Network. I just kept expecting them to ask where we had vacationed last or how many dogs we still have. The charts under this category are made on topics like Muscles, The Skeleton, Blood Circulation etc. Now, as we try to keep our weight in a healthy range, we look at all kinds of factors: diet, exercise, sleep, supplements, meditation, hypnosis, psychotherapy, prayer, or even surgery that might help us tip the scales a little less. We have close to four hundred fertile cycles out of which we want to get pregnant maybe once or twice or four times or not at all.
Only after the fact, as data accumulate, are researchers able to tease apart normal gain from possible effects of contraceptive hormones. On the Pill, 1 in 12 women gets pregnant each year; relying on condoms alone, that rate is 1 in 8. Needless to say, a pregnancy, even one that is terminated, causes fluctuations in hormones. Within a couple years after a pregnancy, most women tend to be back on a similar weight trajectory as their same age peers, with an average of an extra pound or so per child. I expect this is due to a limited definition of technology that relates primarily to mechanical and electrical computational systems.
Perhaps we will not survive as a species if we don’t take our dependence on others, and our limited value as individuals, seriously.
Each trimester is shown graphically with an overall view and a close-up view of the developing fetus. But because the babes were premature, the medics decided it was safest to deliver baby number two at the nearest hospital — which happened to be across the border, in Scotland. The duo wasn't even able to get out of the building before their baby girl made her appearance; Armando and two pals helped the new mama push out a baby in the elevator.
He and the others grabbed a few paper towels and ordered daddy-to-be to take off his shirt to swaddle the healthy newborn.
That’s a lot of time engaged in some kind of contraception, and consequently rumors abound. Hormonal IUDs boost contraceptive effectiveness (and also decrease menstrual symptoms) by releasing a mostly local micro-dose of a progestin, Levonorgestrel.
In an online side-effect summary (not controlled research) five percent of women using an implant complained of weight gain, which is right around the rate found when a contraceptive has no significant effect on weight.
Some women appear to gain a couple of pounds over many years of using Depo, which they find well worth trading for effective contraception and menstrual suppression that they have to think about only four times per year. Women on the Pill or Patch or Ring absolutely do gain weight over time; remember those forty pounds we tend to gain between adolescence and menopause? Fortunately, pregnancies can be identified earlier and earlier, and women who choose to terminate a problem pregnancy don’t go through the same level of hormonal and body changes that were characteristic a generation ago. The reality is that humans are imperfect, and sex and hunger are two of our most powerful drives. Some of us barely gain a few pounds while incubating a baby; others gain a third or even half of our body weight.
Throwing the Pill pack in the garbage or getting the IUD or implant pulled isn’t likely to be a magic bullet.
Just as what we think of as ourselves is a mere tip of the iceberg of what are minds are actually doing, we should consider whether our individuality is independent at all. Very few of us could survive without the artifacts constructed by our huge system of production. One hour and 40 minutes later, the second munchkin made headlines for both babies with her unique nationality! Her story, unsurprisingly, stirred up a bit of controversy, because her timeline proves that she had to have been expecting before being deployed.
A few days later after baby's birth, the officers presented the boy with teddy bears, and the town Police Chief made him an honorary member of the force.
The nurse holding me thought that a good topic to talk about to distract me would be working out.
So I kept asking a€?sooo, whata€™s going on over therea€? and the response was a€?still going through layersa€?. To make it easy for the visualizer, these charts are provided with appropriate images which relate topic.

If you are concerned about managing weight for health or lifestyle reasons, efficacy should be a primary consideration in choosing among contraceptive options. Others women’s bodies react quite differently, with weight gain that over time is unhealthy. But carefully comparing women who use combination hormonal contraceptives and women who do not suggests the spurts of weight gain some women experience while on these methods are largely caused by other factors like aging, stress, health issues, life changes, and–the holidays. However, a woman who feels strongly that she is not ready to have a child (or another child) is probably better off with a more effective method of contraception.
NFP requires not only monthly abstinence but a level of self monitoring and communication that is not feasible for most people.
It is reasonable to assume that there are differences in how we respond to hormonal contraceptives as well, and every woman needs to listen to her own mind and body. According to this definition, our relation to technology is much more complex and goes back much further, as things like fire, hunting methods and language are all examples of technologies, just very old ones.
Hardly a single person knows how to build anything without the short-cut of the output of others’ production.
By the time paramedics arrived, their little family had already officially grown from two to three. One study showed slightly more gain in hormonal IUD than copper IUD users, but a longer study found that women with hormonal IUDs gained slightly less weight than women with no hormonal contraceptive.
Teenagers who are already heavy (who, incidentally, appear most at risk to develop obesity after pregnancy), may be particularly vulnerable. The best data available to date suggest that the effect of the Pill, Patch or Ring is usually negligible and that women who respond by putting on pounds are roughly equaled by those who respond by dropping pounds. All the same, it helps at times to remind ourselves of what is known—and to update our knowledge, since technology and research are constantly moving forward.
We really do have good options when it comes to managing our fertility, better options than most of us thought; better options than our mothers and grandmothers could even imagine. When technology is considered broadly, then we must accept that humanity and technology have always been integrated, and thus that the singularity is moot.
Imagine building a radio where you not only have to build the radio, but build all the components, and all the components of components, doing the mining and smelting yourself, all using tools made by yourself. They do this all day everyday and forget that this is a momentous, once in a lifetime occasion for us.
My hubby had to take care of me AND the boys a€“ but that is another post all in ita€™s own. Such stories may not be good evidence, but they are a good reminder: even when the typical effect of a contraceptive is neutral it is important to listen to your own body. But in the end, the only hormone-free methods that are very effective are copper IUD’s and nonreversible methods like tubal ligation or vasectomy. We are now, just have we always have been, changing how we think and who we are through our artifacts.
Even if you had all the knowledge of how to do this, it would still be extremely inefficient. The anaesthesiologist came in and I told her that I wanted my doula in the room to take pictures. They dona€™t think of how terrifying it must be to be stuck on a table, naked, with the epidural making it so I cana€™t feel my chest and Ia€™m wondering if Ia€™m still breathing. Two minutes after E came into this world, M was out, screaming, and was promptly handed to a nurse. Since the differences appear small and inconsistent, don’t assume either IUD will prevent normal weight changes. It now appears that any woman who gains five percent of her body weight in the first six months on the Shot is at risk for ongoing, contraception-related weight gain and should consider another method. Yes, there may be some changes in the matter of degree and speed, but that is occurring in a very long and old context of guiding (misguiding?) our evolution. How much one needs to be reassured that everything is going great, as you hope and pray that your babies will be ok. Ia€™m guessing they werena€™t a€?walked outa€? and I know the cord cutting wasna€™t delayed and I KNOW they werena€™t handed to me first thing. It takes about 30min to a€?put everything back ina€? and I didna€™t want to not have pics of the first 30min of their life! Seeing and hearing my boys on the other side of the room coupled with feeling violated a€“ a feeling so instinctual came over me. I needed MY boys, and all I could do about it was reach for them and beg for them to leave them alone, not to clean them, and to bring them to me. When considered in relation to these histories of knowledge and artifacts we are dependent on, we individually contribute very little.
She looked a little stunned and once again said no, I repeated my new mantra a€?thata€™s fine, I can sit in this room all daya€?. By the time they were brought to me, the only skin to skin that was possible was their cheek on mine. She agreed that once the babies were out, that my doula could come in, I took the compromise.

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