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If you begin pregnancy slightly above your ideal weight, a healthy weight gain is 20 to 25 pounds; if you are obese, less than 20 pounds. Rule of thumb: More important than what a scale shows, if you are feeling healthy, looking healthy, and your baby is growing, you are likely to be gaining the right weight for you. Establish your basic caloric need-this is the number of calories you need each day to maintain your health. The safest way to make sure you experience a healthy weight gain during pregnancy is to increase your exercise. You are almost 5 months through your pregnancy (4.5 months since conception) and your life is changing more and more everyday in a wonderful way.
With all the major organ developed and in place, your baby is now poised to grow in size and gain weight. The small bones in the inner ear are now properly developed while the characteristic external structures of the nose begin to form [3]. Vernix caseosa, the waxy white substance produced by the fetal sebaceous glands [6] to protect him from the amniotic fluid, is now covering your baby’s entire body [7].
Your body is undergoing many changes apart from the obvious – the growing baby bump; and you must also feel these changes with every passing day. Your uterus is now three times as big as its original size with the top of it now being at the same level with your bellybutton [12].
You will have your mid-pregnancy ultrasound around this week (if it has not been done last week) as it is usually performed between the 18th and 20th weeks [13]. In a twin pregnancy, two babies are generally scanned separately to screen for any physical or other abnormalities. Following a diet consisting of foods rich in iron (spinach, dried beans, dry fruits, lean red meat), as it is necessary for hemoglobin production in your baby.
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And we love that Hayden has embraced her changing figure in this bespoke version of the catwalk original. We've found some fabulous options on the virtual high street that will ensure you sparkle like Hayden. The answers to these nine questions about healthy weight gain during pregnancy prepare you with the knowledge of what to expect. If you are eating the right foods, you really don’t need to think about what a healthy weight gain during pregnancy is for you. How quickly you get your figure back depends not only on how well you care for this body during pregnancy, but also on the body habits you brought into the pregnancy.
Sometimes a greater-than-average weight gain is the first clue that you are carrying more than one baby. The average pregnant woman needs about 2500 calories per day to maintain a healthy weight gain during pregnancy (2200 to nourish herself; 300 for baby). Exercise burns excess fat and when coupled with healthy eating, does not rob your baby of needed nutrition.
Keep a bag of nutritious snacks nearby to make your less nutritious cravings harder to get to.

You are probably already in maternity clothes with people wishing you the best, and some even wanting to touch your belly to feel your baby, wherever you go. He is swallowing larger amounts of amniotic fluid this week as the digestive system gets a better workout [1]. The eyelids that have been fused shut for the past weeks may begin to open this week in some babies [4]. The transparent skin also starts forming fat layers underneath it, making him look less skinny [8]. But, this hair will fall out within a couple of weeks after your baby is born before the lighter, permanent hair can begin to grow [3]. Your changing center of gravity due to the growing belly and the considerable weight gain are the most evident ones [11]. Known as an anomaly scan, it is performed for evaluating the fetal growth, screening for certain birth defects (like neural tube defects and Down’s syndrome) and confirming your due date [3].
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Where you fit into this range depends on two factors—your body type and whether you start your pregnancy under, over or close to your ideal weight.
Most women gain weight during the second trimester, which coincides with the period of most rapid weight gain of baby (from 1 ounce to 2 pounds). I was so sick during the first few months that I could hardly keep food down and did not gain weight.
My pregnant friend is on a diet because she heard it’s easier to deliver a smaller baby. If you exercise regularly and eat wisely before and during your pregnancy, you are likely to reclaim the figure you want more quickly than if you brought a poorly toned and undernourished body to the birth.
To all the guidelines for ideal weight gain, add another 10 pounds for twins, more for additional multiples. One hour of low-impact exercise per day (walking, swimming, cycling) can burn off 300 to 400 calories per day.
The second trimester is the best time of being pregnant with a relatively higher energy level and fewer unpleasant symptoms. The meconium production (the dark sticky substance that will be your baby’s first bowel movement) continues from the previous weeks as a result of the digestive function [2].
The fetus’ legs remain curled up in front of his body until the 19th week, making it impossible to measure his length from head to feet. Your baby is growing inside the uterus as those kicks and punches start to feel more like real fetal movements rather than the quickening in the earlier weeks. The ultrasound also allows your doctor to observe the baby’s limbs, fingers and toes for any abnormality, while assessing the umbilical cord, placenta and amniotic fluid to make sure that the baby is getting everything necessary for proper growth [13]. If you have a big black tie event on the horizon or just want to be prepared for the party season then why not take inspiration from this shimmering look? Tall and lean women (ectomorphs) tend to gain less, short and pear-shaped women (endomorphs) tend to gain the most, and women of average build (mesomorphs) gain somewhere in the middle of the 25 to 35-pound range.

It’s not abnormal to bounce up 5 to 10 pounds quickly between 15 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. It’s the rare mother who eats by the balanced book of nutrition during the nausea-prone first trimester. Second, being smaller because of being nutritionally deprived is not a fate any mother would wish for her baby. If you gain more fat than you and your baby need, it will take you longer after the birth to lose the excess. However, they begin to straighten up from the 20th week onward, enabling your health care provider to measure his actual height. You can also see the straightening spine [11] in addition to finding out the gender of your baby [14]. Most babies gain 90 percent of their weight after the fifth month, and 50 percent of their weight in the last two months. Most women enter pregnancy with enough nutritional reserves to provide for mother and baby, even if mother eats barely anything during those early food-aversion months. Nutritionally deprived babies (low-birthweight infants) have a higher risk of newborn complications and delayed growth and development. You will lose around half the weight gained when you deliver your baby (baby, amniotic fluid and placenta). Pregnancy convinces many women to improve their style of eating and living and to get their whole family on a healthier track. An undernourished baby has a higher risk of complications at birth and of delayed growth and development. Depending on your metabolism and exercise level, you need to consume between 2200 and 2800 calories per day. Some women gain 8 to 10 pounds during the early weeks of pregnancy due to fluid retention; other women actually lose weight because of nausea and diminished appetite. Most mothers also gain the most weight during the second-trimester, and second-trimester eating habits have the most influence on baby’s eventual birth weight.
Studies show an undernourished mother is more likely to deliver a baby who is also undernourished.
Every pregnant woman needs a fat reserve—to ensure there will always be a steady supply of calories available to baby in case she under eats for a day or two. A nutritionally deprived baby not only will have narrow shoulders, all the baby’s organs will be compromised.
Breastfeeding may help take off some of those pounds between three to six months postpartum, when milk production is at its highest. Keep in mind that charts on healthy weight gain during pregnancy, like those for growing babies, present ranges and averages. Realistically, it takes around nine months to take off whatever healthy weight gain during pregnancy you put on.
Many women who eat right and exercise still maintain a few extra pounds after giving birth and become more full-figured as a mother.

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