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Kim Kardashian keeps herself in pregnancy shape while heading to a workout session with trainer Tracy Anderson on Saturday (February 23) in Studio City, Calif. The day before, the 32-year-old pregnant reality star hid her baby bump with animal print trousers while heading to a production company in Toluca Lake.
It was recently reported that Kim will be expecting a baby girl with her boyfriend Kanye West.
And two years later they will go their separate ways because this is all about publicity for two narcissist. Kim has such an unfortunate body type, and it’s not going to be easy bouncing back when she began being overweight.
Looking at pics of the classy Kate Middleton, it’s hard to believe they are both expecting around the same time. How is it that she has gained weight everywhere BUT her stomach??Even her LIPS have gained, so much so that only a couple of teeth show now. Since I'm officially full term in my pregnancy, I thought it was high time for a baby Ten June update!

Also, our hospital bag is packed and David installed the car seat in my car (and a base in his car). I've also been keeping up with my weekly pregnancy photo shots (which were actually featured on NBC's iVillage website recently!), so I will have to share those sometime soon.
I am super blessed to have had a great nine and a half months so far, minus the 24-7 major heartburn that I have.
The nursery is just about finished and I've spent lots of time washing sweet baby clothes in baby (perfume and dye free) detergent. David and I feel so lucky to have amazing friends and family supporting us and my "blogging peeps" are no exception! Kim says something to the effect of if she got pregnant obviously she would get into mommy mode for her daughter. In fact, the doctor estimated that at 36 weeks, 2 days, he already weighed about 6 lbs., 7 oz. And here's the funny part- the picture below I actually emailed around to friends at the beginning of my pregnancy because I was sure you could see a small baby bump!

She’s just over-eating or using some type of pills, to get that pregnant look, just like Beyonce did. I've been managing it through my diet and really haven't had any major problems, which is great. For many reasons, my doctor doesn't usually let diabetic patients go past 39 weeks, so we will likely be having this baby in the next couple of weeks! She had done the car seat, washed all of his clothes and pretty much completed the nursery.

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