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With all the celebrity baby buzz recently — Kim Kardashian, Penelope Cruz, and of course Britain’s new pride and joy — the race to drop pregnancy weight has been a hot topic lately. Ward says that restricting calories immediately after pregnancy can affect the quality of breast milk, lead to a loss of muscle tissue and zap energy that moms so desperately need when taking care of a newborn. The average woman is only supposed to gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, and 45 with twins. And of course, there are the supermodels and actresses out there who are making everyone feel inadequate, pregnant or not. Gisele said her weight came off pretty easily because she did yoga three times a week and kung-fu, right up until she gave birth to her son. Ward says you can begin to exercise again a couple of weeks after giving birth and start to diet at the six week mark, if you’re not breast-feeding.
I mean, this kid’s going to have enough trouble growing up with a name like North and a dad who called himself Yeezus. I lost 18 of my 26 pounds gained during pregnancy just while I was in the hospital during delivery!
Admittedly, some will have a more trouble, but I don’t think it is totally unreasonable for Miss Kanye shed some pounds this summer. I realized after I wrote this that obviously you would lose quite a bit immediately after giving birth, just from the baby’s own weight.

But I am with you in hoping she can healthfully drop her baby weight get back to the hot Kim K body we all admire. I failed to mention this was a GREAT post and I agree 50 lbs in a few months might be unsafe (especially given that you mentioned it decreases the quality of milk produced). I hope she does it safely and sets reasonable examples for all the moms and moms-to-be out there. I suspect that there is a financial incentive for her to lose the weight- either a diet program or plan or who knows what. As soon as you’re in the spot when feasting on poor , calorie-dense meals has actually developed into such a way of life , it’s hard to see your own self to be anyone else.
Kate Hudson Is Worried About Gaining Too Much Pregnancy Weight — She Packed On 60 Pounds With Son Ryder! Kate Hudson Is Worried About Gaining Too Much Pregnancy Weight — She Packed On 60 Pounds With Son Ryder! Although she is basking in the joy of impending motherhood with her beau Matt Bellamy, Kate Hudson is terrified of gaining too much baby weight. But after the struggle she went through to drop those post-baby pounds, we think Kate will be following Jackie Keller’s advice.

Elizabeth Ward on WebMD, women shouldn’t even think about dieting or losing weight until at least six weeks after giving birth, especially if you are breast feeding. The poor girl (ok, poor might not be the right adjective) is constantly in the public eye (though self-imposed) and has received a ton of criticism over her weight gain. My point though was that it might be unsafe for her to try to drop 50 pounds in just a couple of months. I'm an Entertainment Reporter turned Healthy Living Blogger, CPT & aspiring RD, here in the heart of Los Angeles. The actress, 31, packed on the pounds when she was expecting her son, Ryder, in 2003 and she’s worried she will gain even more this time around. She even confessed that she had a hard time controlling her cravings during her first pregnancy. Once you are trying to drop those extra lbs, 1-2 pounds a week is the safe amount to aim for.

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