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You are now entering the third week of the second trimester and are probably enjoying your pregnancy more than before.
Your baby is now developed enough to hear your heartbeat, breathing and speaking, as the bones in his ears begin to harden or ossify [1]. The legs are gradually growing longer than the arms, coming in proportion with the head and rest of the body. The ears have now reached their final position while the eyes are almost at the front of your baby’s face [5]. The fetal movement is gradually getting more complex with your baby curling those tiny toes while kicking and punching the legs and arms.
Weight gain is a principal body change during this stage with most women gaining about 5 pounds by the 15th week. You are probably finally starting to feel pregnant (if you did not earlier) as the baby bump is finally starting to show enough for others to notice that you are carrying [10]. An ultrasound image can show your baby grimacing, swallowing, moving his arms and legs and sucking on his tiny thumb [11] while you can still see the growing blood vessels through the thin skin [12].
This is the right time to talk to your doctor regarding the necessity of any screening tests.
Amniocentesis can detect most of the chromosomal and genetic diseases [3], while the multiple marker is performed for measuring the alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) levels in the mother’s blood [13]. Including lots of vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables in your daily diet as, it is necessary for the proper connective tissue formation in the fetus. Does anyone know if the way it looks in the picture is the way its really sitting or is the image flopped?
The best way to set your child up for later math skills is not to coach him in counting and adding but to weave numerical references into his day. Your child's last baby teeth, four "second molars," usually appear between 20 and 33 months.
Look for reassuring signs that your child's language skills are on track by watching his behavior as well as listening to his words.
Not only is your tyke saying and doing funnier things every day, but she responds to humor in a big way, too. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.

In the future, when you get pregnant, between a boy and a girl, which gender of your unborn child that you prefer more?
In case you’re pregnant, we highly recommend that you should avail this 2016 Gender Chart with the updated gender prediction calculation tool.
According to the Astrology studies, this pregnancy calendar has existed for over 700 years. After having both the Chinese age and month of conception, you will receive a full Chinese Baby Gender Chart. June 9, 2016 by Shirley Whitfield 23 Comments You’re pregnant and you want to have a baby boy? June 9, 2016 by Shirley Whitfield Leave a Comment How about our unborn baby in week 10 of pregnancy? June 8, 2016 by Shirley Whitfield Leave a Comment During 20 weeks of pregnancy we have got a heavyweight in our belly.
June 8, 2016 by Shirley Whitfield Leave a Comment How about our unborn baby in week 8 of pregnancy? But, there is no need to worry if you continue to experience the first trimester signs like morning sickness, insomnia, food aversions and metallic taste in your mouth into the second, especially if you are carrying twins.
The nails on the little fingers and toes are growing fast [1], while all the joints in his body are already developed enough to move [4].
He continues to practice different facial expressions to give the muscles a proper work out. He is also practicing swallowing, grasping and sucking so he can survive on his own after birth [5]. However, do not get too concerned if you are not showing yet as each pregnancy is different. There are no routine exams for week 15, but women over 35 years of age and those with high risk pregnancies are usually prescribed to have certain tests to assess the fetal health at this stage [13].
Many scientific evidences have proven its accuracy, of course, the answers can’t be absolutely perfect (100%). At that time, our baby has the size of the prune, and he has the small indentations on his legs that will become knees and ankles soon! The pregnancy hormones responsible for most of these symptoms function differently in each pregnancy, making it unique in many ways.

Lanugo, the fine layer of downy hair now covering the fetus’s back, shoulders, forehead and ears, will continue helping him retain body heat until there is enough fat in his body to keep him warm [6].
Another new development this week is the frequent hiccups that come before the fetus starts practicing breathing [7].
It is quite normal to lose balance or trip a few times for no reason as your center of gravity is changing due to the growing belly [9]. Although gender detection might be possible through an ultrasound at this stage, it is advisable to wait a few more weeks to get an accurate result. Multiple marker screening (blood test) [14] and amniocentesis are the common screening tests performed between the 15th and 20th weeks [8]. However, with the existence of Chinese Gender Chart 2016, everything seems to be much easier for you.
Most married couples find this simple tool can be used as a fun test for foretelling baby sex. Our baby is developing at a surprising rate (approximately a millimeter per day) with the size of a large raspberry. However, these hiccups do not make any sound as the fetal trachea is filled with amniotic fluid instead of air.
The pregnancy hormone relaxin continues to loosen your joints and muscles, making you a bit clumsy. When using the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar, you don’t need to convert the conception date as well as your age at the conception time into Chinese date format. Besides this chart, you can utilize the Chinese Gender Prediction Calculator to forecast as it’s much simpler for you. You can use the free online Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter to get the Chinese lunar year.

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