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May 4, 2013 By Jess And, the countdown continues as I’m 35 weeks pregnant, moving in week 36! If you saw our first announcement¬†(at 15 weeks),¬†I’ve been sharing this journey with you for 20 weeks now. My baby page shows the belly progression in one place too in case you don’t get enough belly here! She is now a large cantaloupe and likely has reached her birth height of between 19-22″. Still going for long walks daily with Cooper, although I have to be strategic and make sure a bathroom is near.
My guest post on What to Expect describes a lot of what I have experienced with exercise during pregnancy.
I’ll tell you more about these items and how they wound up in my closet in another post. I did have my belly button pierced when I got pregnant, I did not however get it re-pierced. I had c-sections, (first one was elective, never experienced labor) so my list might be a little different…but I suppose it never hurts to be prepared. I do have my belly button pierced, I had to take it out during both pregnancies but it’s back in. Information on this site is not intended as medical advice, always consult a licensed health care professional. While I need to take breaks when standing for long periods of time, overall, I can’t complain.

I’m a side sleeper anyway, so other than multiple trips to the bathroom at night, I sleep well. I think I will need to have something ready for Spencer–never know how long it will be! The hospital will provide these gigantic pads for you to wear along with this sexxxxxxxy mesh underwear.
Unfortunately I can no longer wear my rings and my shoes are getting tighter with swollen feet. Second, I just ordered a Gymboss timer (a purple one!) and used it for the first time today.
Download Your Survival Guide Here Practical advice and strategies to make the early years with twins more fun.
My belly was bouncing during the baseball games this weekend–maybe she could feel my nervous energy?! Spring has been so cold here which probably has helped with any swelling I could experience from heat. We seriously have had a list of 10 or so that were all appealing, but we decided to go with one for this week to see if it sticks. And, I’m totally about the tanks–with it being summer, I plan to live in them for a while! But I am also dealing with 90+ degree heat so that combined with the near end of my pregnancy have made for a bit of a swelling combination. I'm pregnant with quintuplets and with quintuplets from 30 weeks until 37 weeks, you have severe contractions.

I would love to take a long walk around my neighborhood, but recently it can’t be done! I do have my belly button pierced, took the stud out a while ago after my dr mentioned it but I will be able to put it back after baby.
Hmm I would say honestly just be sure you have nice comfy things to put on after you give birth, you will feel better! I already have birth to one set of quintuplets, naturally and the contractions and labour killed. Mike and I did got the other day and I lasted, but I did pee like 10 times before we left, haha!
That way, if you only have time (or remember) to grab one bag, you’ll have stuff for all three of you. Now remember to buy one that you’re not attacked to because you will be giving birth in it if you know what I mean.
My hospital would not allow me to dress my daughter in the clothes I brought until we were going home. Ohhhh this may sound deceiving but I would stock up on diapers and feminine stuff the nurses bring you. We did get more than most can because my daughter had jaundice and we stayed an extra week on top of the 25 hours my hospital required.

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