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Maternity clothes: I bought this dress in the rose colour from ASOS for my cousin's wedding in Italy! Symptoms: My boobs were quite itchy again this week and I barely used my Moo Goo cream because it kept ending up that they would get really bad whenever I was out of the house and didn't have it handy!
By the time you are in your 26th week of pregnancy which falls in the 7th month, you are very well aware how drastically the body changes and what symptoms you might go through.
Here this pregnancy itinerary provides you with all the necessary information that you will need. These standards mentioned below are based on professional research and gives you an idea about what to expect from the week. There is a defined standard of the length and weight of the baby as each and every week proceeds in pregnancy. Along with this you would love to know that they are really active at this time of pregnancy and shows a lot of fetal movement. Along with the growing baby inside you, there are a lot of changes that is visible in your body too.

Pregnancy now seems to be like a known phase. But it would be interesting for you to know that there are still lot of transformations that you have to face and you are unaware about. Along with this, lack of proper sleep especially during the night is one of the crises of this time period. Just in case you feel you are completely deviating from the information, it is time to consult a doctor.
The air sacs of the lungs have also developed to a stage where the baby can start breathing now. There is more and more enlargement in the belly and the abdomen and now it is clearly visible that you are pregnant. However, it is very important for you to have a deep knowledge about all the alterations that 26th week calls for. In the 26th week, the baby should be approximately more than 9 inches in length and 2 pounds in weight.

Along with this there are innumerable changes in the condition of the skin and you will experience triggered vaginal discharge.
However, this is the time when the symptoms are at an all time low and you can pamper yourself with new ways. An itchy vagina also signals towards vaginal infections since you are prone to them at this time. This will solely depend upon the nutrient intake of the mother as well as her overall health.

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