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BFP Ovulation Test Strips accurately identify your LH surge to predict ovulation, made in N. Pinpointing your ovulation date, the day in your cycle when the egg is released, is critical when trying to conceive. BFP Ovulation Test Directions: Dip the tip of the strip into a container of collected urine for at least 5 seconds.
For bulk purchases for your clinic or health organization, please visit our Institutional Orders page. Fairhaven Health has been the leading developer of effective and safe fertility and pregnancy products since 2001.
I used these with my first two children and they are always very easy to use and a great price!
I used these OPKs for 10 months while TTC for my DS, then used them after his birth to help track my irregular cycles and prevent until it was time to start TTC baby #2.
I didn't use test strips for the first two months when my husband and I decided to have baby, and of course, I always missed my ovulation peak.
Cheap, seems accurate, I would never purchase another ovulation kit from in the store again!

Well new for me anyways, I hated the old ones cause the positive was never really clear in them and could only decide after comparing a few days worth where the positive was but these are super clear!! The only thing about these ovulation test strips, that I don't like is you have to really study the test line to determine whether or not it is darker or lighter than the control line, unlike the digital where you know for certain whether or not it is positive for ovulation.
The expensive grocery store brand with all the gadgets was difficult to use and unreliable in it's results.
My husband and I tried the first month just by calculating the dates and using an app but that didn't quite work. These tests give me a nice clear line letting me know each month when my lh surge is coming. In the third month(which was last month), I purchased this strips and received it right before my ovulation period and I was so excited to see the positive result last for 2 days. They are such a great value considering you should expect to use anywhere from 5-10 tests every month when trying to conceive. For the first time I had it where the test line was actually darker than the control line!! This is my second month using them and I've gotten my positive ovulation result each month with these tests.

It took a little work but because of these products I was able to get - my daughter just turned one!! Complete ovulation test strip instructions (including how to interpret test results) ship with every order. I contacted customer service and had a great experience when I voiced my concerns over my batch issues.
Product works as advertised and I will recommend to friends and family and also purchase again. You will get faster result by using this product cause you can track your accurate ovulation date. Thank you so much for providing such a great product and for then backing that product up with the expertise and professionalism that goes into your customer service.

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