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Friend A was 41 weeks and 3 days with her third baby (her second HBAC), and her labor was 6 hours. A very cheesey newbornFletcher was very drowsy and we had an insanely difficult time with nursing.
He had the head control of a 1 month old and could lift his head off my chest at a few minutes old. I am not saying every problem I had with my first son was related to him being born too early, nor am I saying every thing right with my second has to do with him being born overdue.
I wasn’t exactly thrilled about being 41 weeks and 3 days pregnant but I trusted my body and my baby. With my 3rd child I went into labour 9 days after my due date after much coaching (ie sweeping membranes etc) from my midwives. My doctor literally forced me to undergo through induction when I was overdue by 11 days based on his calculation, even though I had 35 days cycle. On another note, I feel going over due is fine as long as the appropriate antenatal testing is being done. People laugh at me when I say come 37 weeks I am giving DD her eviction notice (3 wks to vacate) whether she likes it or not. What can you do when your best-laid plans for consistent bedtimes and happy sleep routines during the week go out the window? This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.
Engagement is when the widest part of the baby’s presenting part (usually the head) enters the pelvic brim or inlet. Standing and leaning forward with contractions, in early to active labor is usually what these women do naturally and usually helps engagement. Gail shows the posterior positioned baby resting on the mother’s pubic bone at a Spinning Babies Workshop in San Diego, California. When labor does start, contractions can be strong without much dilation and the baby remains high in the pelvis.
If baby isn’t posterior and earlier labors have gone well, labor will most likely engage baby. On the other hand, if labor isn’t starting, do the balance activities discussed in the daily and weekly activities in this part of the website.
Sometimes a mother or a mother and her provider can do what is needed to help baby engage before or during labor.

I’m working with a woman who is about to be induced and her baby is at -2 station, should I suggest Walcher’s? Balance in this case means activities to help the mother’s anatomy be more symmetrical on both sides as concerns tension and relaxation (or tone) of the muscles, ligaments, and alignment of the pelvic bones.
Babies naturally engage in the pelvis when the broad ligament is soft enough and the brim open enough.
I had a very routine (and easy) pregnancy other than my gestational diabetes, which was well under control. Next time I will just plan my children’s due date to be a week later than what the chart says.
I didn’t want to be induced, but at the same time I did because I was feeling miserable all the time and my BP kept rising so we were due to go in to see my OB at 37 weeks 1 day and determine if I needed to be induced at that point, but my water broke at 3am (before my 9am appt). I haven't figured out what the fines will be, but I'm considering get my little girl fix and dressing him up in a cute pink dress just to have my moment. The head is no longer ballotable, meaning, the head can no longer be wiggled between the midwife or doctor’s fingers. This drawing shows a mother feeling whether her baby’s forehead rests up on her pubic bone or settles behind it. When a pelvis is too small its called CephaloPelvic Disproportion (CPD, or baby’s too big). Until baby is LOA or LOT and in one of those ideal starting positions, it’s too soon to call it CPD. If not, a birthing stool or the abdominal lift and tuck usually help strong contractions bring the baby into the pelvis. Avoid or ease an induction by increasing balance of the maternal structures, by helping baby get chin flexion, if needed, and out of the posterior position, if possible, with balancing activities. If baby is posterior and earlier labors have gone well, labor will also most likely turn and then engage this baby. Fetal chin tucking and coming down from the mother’s left side helps more babies fit more mother’s inlets. This is most important when we find baby in the posterior position and high after 38 weeks pregnancy when pregnant with a first child, or going for a vaginal birth after a previous cesarean. Sometimes we have a time issue, as when a woman’s membranes have released and when her provider has a time limit for her labor.
I didn’t have as smooth recovery as with my second child but I would still avoid an induction at all costs.

I think it’s important for women to understand the full implications of inductions- both the good and the bad. My First son was supposedly 17 days early, desipite me knowing they used a wrong LMP and gave me hell for him measuring 3 weeks ahead. We went into the hospital and by 7 am I still had only felt a handful of contractions so they administered one dose of pitocin, contractions became regular at 8 am, strong at 10am and my DD was born at 1211 with only 7.5 minutes of pushing and zero pain meds. I expect you to leave your residence as you found it, or you will not be recieving your security deposit back. If you feel the narrow forehead here at the time you are due, it is a clue that baby isn’t actually engaged.
To describe this, I say she could set a glass of water on this ledge, which isn’t really true, but gives the picture.
From there, the labor usually proceeds rather quickly, as the mother’s hormones are well primed by the long, strong early labor.
Check baby’s position and assist chin flexion and rotation to the LOT or LOA position if possible.
Descent from a non-optimal position may have additional challenges that may be met with maternal positioning and activities in labor. It was exactly 36 hours from the time my water broke until my son was born and it was a miserable experience. I don’t know if the pitocin was the sole reason for such a short labor (first baby), but I had an amazingly easy labor and clearly my baby and body were ready (being that my water broke on its own). Meds admistered too late to go through system and out came a baby, ready to latch, sleeps perfectly through night, etc. A baby in the Anthropoid pelvis (longer front to back) can fit if the muscles allow and if the mother can re-angle her pelvis to let baby in (See steep inlet below). Further, 45(45%) women presented with spontaneous labour, while labour had to be induced with prostaglandin in the rest.
A birth stool, a posterior pelvic tilt and standing and leaning over a dresser feels right.  Most full term babies will rotate anterior before they can engage in pregnancy or in labor because of pelvic shape. After what my husband and I went through to have a full term baby and after waiting for so long for a healthy pregnancy to happen — this little man will be worth the wait!

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