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Back 'in the day', baby showers were thrown by friends, not relatives, and men were never invited to partake in the festivities! So, to help you make sure you throw the best baby shower ever, we've put together this four-week baby shower planning guide.
Of course you can throw in some more games, mix things up, leave things out, it's all up to you! Putting Together the Guest ListTraditionally you would invite only women to a baby shower, from both sides of the family, the mum-to-be's girlfriends, and of course, the mum-to-be. Picking a LocationOnce you have a general idea of the number of guests, start compiling venue options. ThemesThemes serve as inspiration for decorations and games, invitations, favours and even the food. Baby Shower games are typically done with groups of people who may not know each other very well, so they serve to break-the-ice and set the mood for your shower.
Finalise Menu and Go ShoppingNow is the time to finalise what you are going to serve at the baby shower. However, times have changed, and many parents-to-be, family members and friends are throwing baby showers, and everyone's invited! Times have changed however, and potential invitees could be the dad-to-be, grandpa-to-be, and anyone else!
If the baby-to-be already has a brother or sister, then inviting other kids might be a great way to get them involved in celebrating their new sibling.

Now is the time to finalise the guest list to allow enough time to mail the invitations, and to allow the guests time to clear their schedules and find that perfect gift. You've organised, planned, shopped, and now there are just a few days left to the big event! Write down all the ingredients, beverages, and placesetting needs that you might have and let's hit the grocery store.
Ensure that the venue has enough chairs, tables and dishes, and that you'll be let in early enough to set up any decorations. Baby showers are a celebration of life and family, and in fact, these days it's not uncommon to have more than one baby shower, especially if the parents-to-be have a large family or several close friends. There are several decisions you'll need to make in the early stages of planning, so we'll walk you through each one and provide heaps of tips and hints to help out.
Depending on how old the older siblings are, they might be able to lead the other kids in activities.
Or for midday, you can grill up some lunch with cake and punch for dessert, or go lighter with finger foods soch as mini-sandwiches. Consider a restaurant, a park picnic, a reception hall, or even a day at the spa with a catered lunch! Themes can be as simple as a traditional colour scheme such as predominately blue if you know the parents-to-be are having a boy, or centered on shades of pink for a girl, or neutral colours for when the gender of bub is unknown. You can even design and print your own invitations, using the Invitation Generator that comes with this Deluxe Planning and Games Kit.

Afternoon baby showers could be held as a high tea with delicate sandwiches, fine china and exquisite cupcakes. Need any extra film or decorations that may have been left out on the first round of shopping? You can have a theme more focused on the Mum To Be or even a theme involving both Parents To Be. If your guest of honor has a favorite colour, or if the shower theme revolves around a colour, choose foods with the same colour. For example, if you are using a Rubber Duckies theme, you'll pick the invitations with the ducks, duck decorations, a baby bath centrepiece filled with water and floating rubber ducks, small rubber duck favours, and yellow foods. These cute, brushed aluminum 24-hour tea lights can be personalized in black, gold or silver ink. Fun right?You can create your own theme or compliment a design with solid colour tableware or mix and match from patterned tableware and decorations such as a polka dot party which is always a great choice for gender neutral themed baby showers. You should also pick up some items to use as prizes for the winners of your Baby Shower games.

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