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Alexis Stewart, 46, welcomed her son, Truman, through a surrogate on March 7 a day before his sister, Jude, celebrated her first birthday, Daily Mail reports. A 62-year-old woman has become pregnant after a test-tube conception, her doctor said Thursday. Concetta Ditessa, a housewife from a Calabrian village in southern Italy, is due to give birth to a boy in August. Problem was, even though Victoria had two young daughters from a previous marriage, her intense desire to create a baby with her new husband was thwarted by her own body. Desperate to bear a child, willing to undergo every procedure from Lupron shots through egg harvesting and in vitro fertilization (IVF), she is blocked at every corner of medical protocol from achieving her dream of a successful pregnancy.
Finally she journeys toward acceptance of using a donor egg, much to the dismay of her growing daughters.
Follow her insider's account of the hidden world of egg donation-where women's eggs are bought and sold over the internet and a beautiful model with high SATs and a prior successful donation commands the highest prices.

February 17, 2009 - French President Nicolas Sarkozy's unmarried Justice Minister Rachida Dati gives birth to a baby girl on Friday January 2, according to reports. The oldest recorded natural pregnancy was a woman who was 57 years old in California in the late 90's. The daughter of Martha Stewart, Alexis spent five difficult years and more than $30,000 trying for a baby before a surrogate gave birth to her son.After four miscarriages by surrogates, Alexis felt emotionless about the most recent pregnancy. Achieve LASTING freedom from PCOS related symptoms without spending your hard-earned money on meds. We are strong advocates of the personal, social and environmental benefits of natural parenting.
I was really inspired to have my tubal reversal at 45 years old, primarily, because of the wonderful postings I read on your message boards. Mary is a pioneer - one of the first women in the world to have successful IVF after the menopause.

I was told my only hope for a child would be through egg donation."Huntley approached Create Health Clinic in London after reading an article about natural-cycle IVF.
I read them on a daily basis before my procedure and continued to do so after my surgery.I sincerely hope my success story (giving birth 3 months before my 47th birthday) will be a source of inspiration to others. Written in an easy-to-read format, it provides authoritative, practical answers to the most commonly asked questions about infertility.It covers a wide-range of topics including the etiology, diagnosis, and therapies available for infertility. 43:29 min As the technology has spread, making older motherhood attainable in every corner of the globe, specific cultural prejudices have brought their own challenges.

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