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Fertility awareness is of great benefit to women in achieving or preventing pregnancy as well asmonitoring reproductive and overall health.
Hormonal ChangesThe hormones estrogen and progesterone are themain players of the menstrual cycle. Changes in the CervixIt is possible for a woman to examine her cervixfor signs of fertility throughout her menstrualcycle.
For education and support in chartingyour menstrual cycle, consult JustisseHealthworks for Women.Monitoring your reproductive system inthis way enables you to practice highlyeffective birth control or enhance yourpotential for fertility.
The changes from dry to wet indicate that fertile phase is coming, so either don't have sex or use reliable contraception, (as the desire for sex increases with fertility, it is always a good idea to have contraception on hand) and changes from wet to dry indicate fertility is lessening.
Sperm can be alive for up to 3 days in cervical mucus, if you have had intercourse in the lead up to ovulation when fertile mucusis present, the sperm can stay alive long enough for you to get pregnant. Factors like illness, intercourse (sperm left in vagina) and infection can all affect mucus observation, which is why proper instruction in these methods is vital. The natal lunar phase is the angle between the sun and the moon at the time a person is born. For example, if a person is born on a new moon, when the sun and moon are said to be conjunct or together, the natal lunar angle is 0 degrees.

So every month as the moon goes through its changes, an individual will have their particular natal lunar phase repeated when the moon is in the exact position relative to the sun as it was at their time of birth. For example, if a person has a new moon natal phase, the natal phase is repeated whenever the moon is new regardless of the moons zodiacal or astrological sign. So it is much easier to keep an eye on your fertile time when your biological mucus cycle and your natal lunar phase co-incide. If you are only counting days and not observing mucus, you run a real risk of missing your fertile time.
The temperature method only tells you when you have ovulated, not when you are going to ovulate. The Information on this website is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for proper medical care.
Unfortunately, myths about the menstrual cycle and thenegative legacy of the obsolete and ineffective “calendar rhythm method” of birth control have createda tremendous amount of misunderstanding about fertility awareness.Justisse Healthworks for Women is committed to providing clear, scientifically sound informationand education to help women effectively monitor their individual menstrual cycles and respond tothem in an effective, natural and healthy way. Your growingawareness will also help you, through-out your life, to achieve optimum repro-ductive and overall health. You are only interested in the mucus that is readily observable at the mouth of the vagina.

Conversely if a person is born on the full moon, when the sun and moon are opposite each other the natal lunar angle will be 180 degrees. If a woman were to take her BBT eachmorning over the length of one menstrual cycle,and plot it on a BBT graph, she would be able tosee the obvious temperature shift from low-ranging pre-ovulatory temperatures to high-ranging post-ovulatory temperatures. You need only touch the mouth of the vagina (no need to touch inside), the outside of the opening or alternatively wipe the vaginal mouth with a tissue and feel mucus from that. Also remember that if you do not desire a pregnancy abstain from sexual intercourse for 3 days before your natal lunar phase. We're your prescription drug store cialis australia and have provided trusted service to families in Australia for over 15 years.

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