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With that being said, some people love being they way they are, regardless of what society thinks. I could make every post I have about people who overeat and who eat processed foods be 10 pages long, but I like to keep it short and sweet. Fat people still need to exercise, regardless if they want to stay the same size or lose weight. With the extra load being carried around, joints, bones, ligaments and muscles, especially the heart, are being taxed much more than their thin counterparts respective anatomy.

I won’t normally say this, but if you want to live fat, you still have to live healthy. Unless you want to live a VERY short life, full of health complications and medical bills and just being uncomfortable, EXERCISE. I was told by one of my friends about a guy he went golfing with who was pushing 400 pounds. I’m sure the guy loves golf, but don’t you think he could love it more if he could actually do more when he golfed?

If he didn’t get out of breath when he walked up to his ball AFTER getting driven to it in a cart, would he maybe like golf even that much more? We all need to have basic functionality in our body, and these are the requirements for enjoying life.

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