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Luteinizing Hormone also comes from the adenohypophysis of the pituitary gland and this is what stimulates ovulation causing the egg to pop out of the ovarian follicle.  During these next two weeks (days 14-28) are known as the postovulatory (luteal) phase. If the egg is not fertilized by day 28, the pituitary gland stops secreting LH and these follicle cells start to shrivel up and they are now called corpus albicans (albicans means white because that’s how it looks at this point) because they are dying and not secreting progesterone anymore. This severe and drastic drop in progesterone is what causes the shedding of the endometrial lining (menstruation) to begin. Hello, my name is Antranik and I have a passion for all things relating to the body and mind.
You will find a wide range of topics ranging from anatomy and physiology to yoga to gymnastics strength training and more (you just have to explore). I also have a YouTube channel which ties in together with this blog to serve as another outlet for creativity. Antranik’s Rings Oriented Bodyweight Training RoutineGymnastic rings are the best way to develop strength using only your bodyweight.
The ArmAid is a gnarly self-massage tool for your forearms and here is my video review of it! Secretion of hormones leads a boy to attain more muscular strong body, and to develop scrotum and testes.
Secretion of hormones leads to a girl to attain wider pelvic growth, development of uterus, fallopian tubes and generation of ovum.
The vocal cords are not activated by hormones and voice of girls remain almost similar to their pre-adolescent voice. During adolescence, boys and girls attain maximum possible height (as decided by their genetic characters) by proper hormonal secretions at appropriate stage. Maximum length of bone growth leads to attaining the maximum chest expansion, length of legs, hands and thereby decides many permanent characters such as gait, sitting postures, sleeping postures, reading and writing habits, etc. In both girls and boys, adolescence is an important stage - when they have maximum hair growth on their head, in armpits, on chests (only in boys) as well as pubic region around their genital organs.

In addition to these common morphological developments in boys include external genetilia develop predominantly by subtended testes and growth of penis in girth and length. Passage from childhood to adulthood through adolescence involves number of psychological changes.
Menstrual Cycle, Secretory Phase (Luteal Phase)-1-2 days post-ovulation Progesterone controls changes stratum functionale expands! Women, just like human beings in general, are capable of expressing many different facets of their personalities. We choose which personality to express at any time and we all have the potential to develop and express different Goddesses or archetypes at different times in our lives.
Generally, most of us resonate more strongly with a particular group of archetypes than another . Women also change their personalities or behaviour monthly; with and through the menstrual cycle. They simulate the moons journey (or the lunar cycle), and have within them recognisable and particular behavioural traits. Each month a woman will experience changes in the way she perceives herself and her world in accordance to where she is in her menstrual cycle and which archetype is expressing itself through her life. The Information on this website is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for proper medical care.
Just to note, I have heard the method of detecting ovulation by means of temperature spike and mucous as the Sympto-Thermal method, which a woman would detect through charting her temperature daily along with all mucous changes.
My rings program provides detailed progressions for building strength, learning dozens of fun skills, and a good mix of mobility & prehab accessory exercises that keep you feeling great! The property of enlargement of penis during sexual excitement and later contraction to normal size is attained at this stage. His or her later behavioural pattern (like attitude towards social ciustoms, perception towards sex and marriage, ability to express) are all decided during adolescence.

We are not just one role or another, even though in the past we have been strongly encouraged to limit ourselves to the roles of Wife and Mother (just as men have been equally constrained in their roles as provider, macho man etc). The menstrual cycle offers women the unique ability to try out at least four different, primary archetypes in their lives, if not on an external level than at the very least to be expressed and experienced within. The diagram on the next page gives a brief description of the phases and where they occur within the menstrual cycle.
During this reproductive period, the ovaries and the female reproductive tract undergo a series of cyclic changes which are primarily meant to prepare them for fertilisation and pregnancy and collectively form the menstrual cycle. Generally, for most girls and boys, once some perception ability is developed about a particular issue during adolescence - it is prevalent even during their adulthood. We are Lover, Daughter, Warrior, Teacher, Sister, Healer, each one at a time and in essence all of these all the time to lesser and greater degrees.
During this period periodic vaginal bleeding lasting for about 4 days called menstruation takes place.
It is characterised by an enlargement of breasts, broadening of the hip region, pubic and axillary hair growth, increase in subcutaneous fat in thighs and buttocks and stoppage of growth of long bones and height.
The length of the menstrual cycle varies widely in women, but on an average it extends to about 28 days.
It is absent during pregnancy, may be suppressed during lactation and permanently stops at menopause. 3 phases of Menstrual cycle, If no fertilization- CL degenerates due to hormone level a‡“a‡“ ????

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