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TAKING EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL PM WHILE PREGNANTAvoid taking too many equate brand because its fine. Remember all that uproar in the spring about the pregnant woman who continued her CrossFit weight-training regimen up until giving birth? If you’re already in the midst of a program to build muscle, this is where you definitely need your doctor to weigh in (pun so intended).
You may also have to remind yourself to think more about posture when lifting anything heavy in the later stages of pregnancy. And yes, jumping, deep squats, lunges and the like are all OK as long as you feel OK doing them. While I’ve been hammering the message that pregnant women should workout just like they always did, there are two positions we have to avoid.
Fans of yoga and Pilates, which often involve quite a few floor exercises, may be particularly frustrated by this rule.
Aside from these two restrictions, most standing or sitting positions are fair game, as well as horizontal positions like planks. As with anything while pregnant, be extra mindful of whatever you do, gradually pull back as your body dictates, and you’ll be fine.
Deborah Hirsch, president of Philly Dance Fitness, is a certified fitness instructor, personal trainer and choreographer.
Since many of the students I teach at my company, Philly Dance Fitness, saw me bopping around until a month before he was born, I thought I wouldn’t have to respond to as many inquiries about the merits of exercising while pregnant. Aside from possibly helping you feel better during the pregnancy, staying active throughout can also make returning to pre-baby shape so much easier. According to a number of articles, she set several personal records, including dead-lifting more than 200 pounds. No matter how fit you are, you can’t stop the skin and joints from becoming more relaxed to create room for the growing fetus. It’s easy to forget because you get used to compensating for the extra weight in front of you. Medical experts recommend not raising your hips above your head at all while pregnant – which is really annoying if you love doing bridges in yoga, or in my case, you teach striptease aerobics.
With the help of Google or a good instructor, you can find ways to modify many prone exercises into standing positions.
Yes, your belly may eventually scrape the ground, but that’s no excuse for skipping your push-ups. OBs will usually say that it’s safe to continue doing whatever exercise routines you were doing before pregnancy, with modifications as the baby grows. This is obviously beyond extreme, but there’s no reason to stop lifting while pregnant.
Make a point of breathing normally — none of that forceful exhaling that lifters sometimes do, which can potentially decrease oxygen flow to the fetus.

They’ll also tell you not to do exercises lying down because the extra weight of the baby plus accoutrements can restrict the vena cava, a major vein that carries blood from the lower body back to the heart. The uterus is an amazingly strong muscle and that baby is cushioned by plenty of fluid and tissue.
Worried loved ones will understandably point out that you could have a greater risk of falling while jumping, or at least face a greater impact if you did fall. You can try new forms of exercise, increase your workout frequency and even challenge yourself to go for a higher impact program while pregnant – within reason. But you could also be hit by a car while crossing the street, and that’s no reason to sit on your couch eating chocolate all day. What I mean by that is if you’re going to try something new, go for flexible cardio or strength programs.
Are there safe medications during pregnancy or efficient home remedies for cold during pregnancy?When you are not pregnant, having the flu or cold seems much simpler. You take some relatively light medications and if they fail to make you feel better, you go to the doctor. However, it’s worth waiting those nine months before you pick up an activity that would be hard to modify as you get bigger, like say, pole dancing, or one that could present blunt impact to your midsection, like dodgeball.
But when you are pregnant, you surely do not want the drugs to cause problems to the baby.Cold Medicine While PregnantThe good news is that there are medications which can be taken during your pregnancy. So, there is a way to cope with the sinus infection while pregnant and whatever unpleasant symptoms you might have.How to Avoid Infections?You need to be really careful because pregnant women are more vulnerable to cold, flu and other infections. Their immune system is weakened during pregnancy and this increases the risk of getting sick. These changes in your body are pretty logical – the weaker immune system helps prevent the female body from rejecting the unborn baby. As a result, pregnant women become more vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections.There is an additional risk – future moms are more likely than non-pregnant women to experience complications of the flu.
So, consult with your doctor what is the best way how to avoid the infections and keep yourself and the baby healthy.A Flu Vaccination Might Help You Avoid Getting SickIn most of the cases, getting a flu vaccination helps the mother and the baby staying healthy for up to six months after delivery. Have in mind, however, that getting a flu vaccine is not advised if you have some chronic conditions such as an autoimmune disease. Consult with our doctor whether the vaccination is a good option for you and the baby.You should ask about a preservative-free vaccine if you are worried that there might be trace amounts of mercury. Having naps through the day and a good sleep through the night will help you feel energetic and cope with the feeling of exhaustion. Consult with your doctor how to cope with the pregnancy symptoms which do not allow you to take a good sleep such as frequent urination and diarrhea.Eat healthily – the way you eat might help you make your body stronger and less vulnerable to infections. This will help you fight more effectively with the illnesses and feel more energy in your body.Avoiding close contacts with infected people – if you know that one or more of your family members or friends is sick, just stay away.
Also, it is a good idea to avoid crowded places during the whole pregnancy and especially during the flu season.

Do whatever will help you cope with stress – yoga, swimming, eating chocolate, listening to music and many others.Drink more liquids – it is essential to stay hydrated.
This is the way to cope to some extent with frequent urination through the night.Clean the surfaces in your home and your office space often. Pay additional attention to the ones that most of the people touch – tables, door handles, switches, and others. Change often your toothbrush and the sponges at home because they keep a lot of bacteria inside them.You should avoid sharing cutlery, cups and plates with someone who has a cold. Actually, do not share them with anyone because you cannot be sure that they do not have a virus which still stays hidden.Do not share bath and hand towels – you have to use your own and to wash them often. When you put them in your nose, this will help you loosen the nasal mucus and soothe the inflamed nasal tissue.Make inhalations.
You can also point the hot shower to your sinuses and let the heat relieve your symptoms.Ask someone around you to make you a chicken soup. This will help you relieve the inflammation in your nose and throat and to soothe the congestion.Drink warm tea and add honey and lemon to it. Be sure to drink a lot of warm liquids.Elevate your head with the help of a few pillows or blankets. You should avoid all types of toxins, including alcohol and cigarettes because this is a critical time for the development of the baby. In this period, the vital organs develop and you should not endanger this process.After Week 28 it is also strongly advised to avoid medications. You would better take single medications for the symptoms you want to relieve, for example – a cough medicine. Only the doctor will know what is the best treatment and what are the safe medications in your case.The doctor will also prescribe you blood and others tests to find out whether you have a common cold or influenza. Take care for your health and consult a doctor.Can the Cold Affect My Unborn Baby?The common cold is not dangerous for the baby in general but might be very exhausting for the mother. Advise with your health specialist how to cope with your sickness.A major problem is that at the beginning you cannot tell whether it is a cold or flu. But you should be really careful because your health and the one of your baby depend on it. The virus will probably enter your body when you touch someone who was infected or an object they have recently touched, e.g.

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