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Healing with herbs is the oldest version of modern medicine and the original raw material of our primitive ancestors.
The use of medicinal plants and their preparations is although very old, this type of treatment is used as an important method of treatment in this present era or modern science. Medicinal plants are collected from unpolluted soil distant from roads, waste dumps, factories or industrial zones. Medicinal plants can be divided according to the mode of action of the plant, Some plants act on the heart and circulatory system , the nervous system to relieve pain , to regulate the digestive system , coughing and overgrowth of the wound .
Each of us chooses the medication will help us the most, and in the official medicine should be included medicinal substances from nature because the combination of various methods of treatment led to amazing results. Obese Americans now outnumber those who are merely overweight: Could the BMI scale be the problem? Bael   known botanically as  Aegle marmelos  finds its mention in various relord Shiva and that place is known as Bilkeshwar temple.
In Ayurevdic texts  Aegle marmelosl tree has been held in high esteem owing to its medicinal value. Syrup made of pulp of bael fruit, with tamarind is useful in burning sensation on skin, diarrhea, yellow coloration of skin, nausea etc.

When there is pain and redness in eyes, poultice of bael leaves applied on eyes gives good result.
In stress, insomnia and feeling of nervousness milk boiled with bark of bael tree give good result. The leaf extract has been reported to have antispermatogenic effect and were used a fertility control in Bangladesh. Ayurvedic texts hold that Aegle marmelos  pacifies vata, kafa and enhances jatharagni   i.e. Ripened fruit of Bael is difficult to digest and is full of doshas, so its use if not specified should be avoided. Different nations are doing preparations based on various herbs and plants which treat many disorders and diseases of the people. The world uses about 20,000 medicinal plants, and for the preparation of modern medicines are used more than 200 species of medicinal plants. Given that quite a number of herbs are toxic, misuse of herbs can cause side effects, but with use of herbs can successfully be treated almost all health problems.
These plants generally operate anti-allergic, anti-depressant, relaxing, rejuvenating and strengthening immunity.

Because of the medicinal properties plants not only have a curative effect, but also bring balance for the entire body. Once you click submit, we will send you an email asking you to confirm your free registration. Each nation has its own traditions in the use of nutritional and medicinal properties of plants looking for nature cures for diseases and disorders. Herbs can be consumed as a syrup or juice, tea or tea blend, tincture or powder, and of course there are creams of herbs. It is believed that Parvati  ji worshiped under the  Bilva tree  for three thousand years in Haridwar to get married to Lng and in summer there are new leaves and flowers on it. Shiva Purana says that a person who serves and feed milk, ghee and cereals to a hungry devotee of Lord Shiva on roots of its tree, he never faces poverty in his life.

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