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Why is it that, during an exceptionally fecund time in American history, women wore maternity clothes that played down their pregnancies, while in an era when pregnancy is viewed as a self-indulgent way to destroy Mother Gaia, women flaunt their pregnant bodies? Of course, other are not supposed to notice the underlying passive-aggressiveness directed toward those who continue to disregard their specialness. Some people are just more important and the best adjudicators of what social norms have overstayed their welcomes. I think it is good that if one decides not to eviscerate the intruder, one can show that it does not detract from the hot body that is graciously lending it space.
The trend switched from tents to tight somewhere between my first and second child (I have four).
Anyway, having worn both styles of clothing, I will say that snugger is a bit more comfortable AND cooler.

The modernistic trend to make oneself appear as garish as possible, and to be noticed by everyone, and even to possibly offend a few people of lesser importance as perceived by the perpetrator. Much to their father’s consternation, my two daughters dressed exactly like your examples. I don’t know how I’ll be branded by this, but am I the only one who finds pregnant women lovely?  They do NOT have to dress in tents for me!
In the Turner rape case, does the fact that the victim passed out during sex mean she said "No"? Much akin to the breast-feeding in public and refusing to have your child vaccinated, when life vicissitudes happen to some people, their specialness is just simply, well, confirmed. The rest of the century’s style permitted that you could wear a tent but still be wearing a dress with the cuts that were in style.

The one child policy wasn’t designed to control population, but to make sure that only the rich could afford the fines that allows for multiple children. The style now, and what most girls of pregnant age are comfortable in now, is not so loose, so that translates into maternity style as well.

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