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Repeat the Chic is a NEW and exciting twist on an old idea; consignment shopping and selling. Repeat the Chic offers local women the opportunity to buy and sell quality apparel and accessories at affordable prices in an easy, no-hassle, fun, social way. Unlike traditional consignment retailers, Repeat the Chic offers a series of semi-annual shopping events.  The 2-4 day shopping spectacular features fabulous assortments of trendy women’s designer and name brand clothing.  Anyone looking for an affordable way to stay trendy without breaking the bank will not want to miss this spectacular stock of style! Shoppers are encouraged to bring and donate their gently loved clothing and maternity clothing to the event on September 21, 2013.  Maternity clothing donations will be given to the West Pasco Pregnancy Center.

The West Pasco Pregnancy Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose goal in our community is to promote, health, life and education, while empowering clients to make informed choices.  The WPPC has served women, infants and families since 1986 by providing support and options for those experiencing the challenges of unexpected pregnancies. It’s NOT TOO LATE!  Repeat the Chic is currently accepting NEW consignors for this unprecedented, one of a kind event!  Our easy and hassle-free process will delight you (not to mention your potential earnings – learn more here)! Consignors of previously loved clothing both formal and informal are urged to contact Repeat The Chic TODAY! The community is encouraged to participate as both a consignor and a shopper!  Becoming a consignor puts cash in your pocketbook and gives you space in your closet!

These trademark holders are not affiliated with Motherhood Closet – Maternity Consignment or its website.

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