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Exercise During Pregnancy May Boost Babies’ Brain Activity - Exercise During Pregnancy May Boost Babies’ Brain Activity. Parents - Pregnancy, Birth, Babies, Parenting - Parents Magazine includes message boards covering pregnancy, children, health, safety, food and parenting related topics.. Developing The Child Brain - 'Early Learning' Parenting - Develop Child's Genius by Nurturing the Child. Regardless of how true pregnancy brain is or isn’t, or how different women react to the changes in their bodies, sitcom writers have taken this idea and run with it.
On How I Met Your Mother, the characters first notice something different about Lily when she agreed to move to the suburbs, after years of insisting that she would never move to the suburbs and wanted to stay in New York. A year later on Modern Family, Gloria experiences similar symptoms of pregnesia, at a much later stage at her pregnancy than Lily’s. The setup here is slightly different: Gloria is forgetful and scattered, but self-aware enough to know when people are pandering to her.
Two sitcom episodes, less than a year apart from each other, both dealing with forgetful pregnant women who don’t know how to manage their lives without help, but the message of each episode is very different. Final thought: if walking into a room with a specific purpose, and then immediately forgetting said purpose for being in that room, is a sign of pregnancy brain, I have been pregnant for the last twenty-eight years.
Lady T is an aspiring writer and comedian with two novels, a play, and a collection of comedy sketches in progress.
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Jill sits on a park bench at the fountain to rest her feet—she finds it harder to move in her fifth month of pregnancy.
Last year, Lily Aldrin experienced an episode’s worth of pregnancy brain on How I Met Your Mother, and this year, Gloria Delgado-Pritchett struggled with her own pregnancy brain problems on Modern Family. Marshall, suburban-born and raised, is thrilled that Lily has changed her mind, but Robin warns him that Lily only wants to move because of pregnancy brain.
The point is clear: Lily, while pregnant, is completely incapable of making any decisions for herself and has a more impaired short-term memory than Dory from Finding Nemo. She tries to make waffles using a laptop, and Marshall takes advantage of her lapse in judgment by convincing her to buy things for the apartment that she doesn’t really want. Then a few trick-or-treaters come to her door, and she hands them a stapler, scissors, and a bottle of pinot noir. The How I Met Your Mother episode is sexist and cliched, while the Modern Family episode attempts to treat the pregnant character with humanity, and mostly succeeds.
The setups were similar: the women had short-term memory problems as a result of their pregnancy hormones. Claire, on the other hand, initially sympathizes with Gloria, pointing out that pregnancy is draining and of course her memory would be on the fritz.
Modern Family at least shows us pregnancy-related forgetfulness from the perspective of the female characters. You can find more of her writing at The Funny Feminist, where she picks apart entertainment and reviews movies she hasn’t seen.

Call it what you want, but the idea that pregnant women lose their minds while their hormones go whack is a popular stereotype based on questionable evidence. She tricks him into thinking that she called a broker to sell her grandparents’ house in the suburbs. Gloria, meanwhile, is forgetful and scattered, but she hasn’t completely lost her mind, and cleverly saves Claire from the repercussions of her own brain fart.
I liked seeing two women bond over their different pregnancies, and I especially liked that Claire didn’t have the exact same experience with every pregnancy. Both shows exaggerate the concept for for comic effect, but How I Met Your Mother reduces the pregnant woman to an infant and Modern Family remembers that Gloria is still an adult. Instead, she’s led him to the suburbs on Halloween so they can hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.
She’s trying to manipulate him with cute children to convince him to move to the suburbs.

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