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So in other words there will definitely be some places where you will find you don't want to inject. You may also find as your pg processes and you get bigger and have a higher blood volume that places which were once good become bad, and places that were previously bad are worth trying again (when the veins become more visible).
Generally, they suggest 8 sites on the abdomen, 4 on each side, at least 2" out from the belly button, kind of two above, two below.
I don't know how well it would work with someone else doing the shots for you but it is definitely worth trying. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Dallas ivf - world class infertility carefull-time offices, Schedule an appointment contact us today for help conceiving at dallas ivf. Microdose lupron flare ivf protocol calendar schedule, Microdose lupron flare ivf protocol responders older women. Genetics & ivf institute - infertility treatment, donor, Provider infertility treatment genetics services.

Surebaby – early signs of pregnancy symptoms explained, Having pregnancy symptoms get surebaby pregnancy apps for iphone! Symptoms after ivf embryo transfer - invia fertility, The symptoms women often experience in the first two weeks after ivf symptoms after ivf can you tell whether any of these symptoms might be pregnancy. Pregnancy: pregnancy week by week calendar, symptoms, Pregnancy week to week at 26 weeks of pregnancy, › in vitro fertilization › increasing fertility › leaking amniotic fluid.
Pregnancy calendar - september 2013 - babycenter canada, Pregnancy calendar : we heard the heartbeat yesterday and it was amazing !!! Week week fetal development pregnancy calendar, There ton pregnancy calendars , comprehensive .
How much any given shot hurts and bruises with depend on where your blood vessels and nerves are.
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You just want to alternate injection sites so that you don't keep injecting in the same place.
I'm considering trying it again though, with my belly getting bigger it is starting to hurt more.
If you develop a hard lump or hematoma after a shot you will need to avoid that area until it resolves (it takes a long time) so it's good to explore a bit and find the places that are best for you in terms of minimizing both pain and bruising. I try to alternate but for whatever reason my right side hurts much more than my left side, so I tend to inject on my left side more often.

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