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Intrauterine insemination (IUI) involves a laboratory procedure to separate fast moving sperm from more sluggish or non-moving sperm.
IUI is indicated in patients with Ejaculatory dysfunction (including sexual dysfunction and impotence) mild male factor infertility, unexplained infertility, Stage I or II endometriosis. The second essential requirement is that there is no major problem with sperm numbers or sperm quality.
Dr Surveen was chairing session at Male Infertility workshop at Fertivision 2015 at Hotel Ashok organized by Indian fertility society from 4th to 6th Dec 2015. Dr Surveen was chairing session at Fertivision 2015 at Hotel Ashok organized by Indian fertility society from 4th to 6th Dec 2015. Dr Surveen was judge for scientific paper competition at Fertivision 2015 at Hotel Ashok organized by Indian fertility society from 4th to 6th Dec 2015. If you are having difficulties becoming pregnant, you may have decided to try certain fertility treatments in order to increase your chances of conceiving. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is often the first type of fertility treatment attempted by couples. Sperm washing may sound strange, but it actually works to ensure that only the healthiest sperm are used during the procedure.
The simple sperm wash technique is the most basic way of washing and preparing sperm for IUI. As the sperm mixture is spun, sperm cells fall to the bottom of the test tube, producing a mass of dense, highly active sperm.

In the early 1980s, researchers reported that it might also cause separation of X and Y-sperm. This was based on the theory that a) a small fraction of X-sperm are the fastest of all, b) next fastest are the Y-sperm, and c) slowest are the majority of X-sperm. Later investigation proved that this was not the case, but the method has been promoted in some clinics for gender selection. The fast moving sperms are then placed into the woman’s womb close to the time of ovulation when the egg is released from the ovary in the middle of the monthly cycle. It is essential that the fallopian tubes are known to be open and healthy before the IUI process begins.
It is recommended that at least 3-4 cycles of treatment are attempted before considering other options. The success rates are lower about 6-9% in tubal factor infertility and endometriosis.
Sperm washing can increase your chances of conception and may help you to welcome a new addition to your family. Semen is diluted in a test tube, with a special solution of antibiotics and protein supplements. The medium is a hospitable environment for the sperm, and healthy sperm will swim up into it.
This is because it also works to separate dead sperm cells, white blood cells, and other waste products from the sperm. The success rates also drop where two factors are working together like mild male factor and ovulatory dysfunction.

Sperm washing separates sperm cells from a man’s semen, helping to get rid of dead or slow-moving sperm as well as additional chemicals that may impair fertilization. After it is spun, active, healthy sperm will make their way, to the very bottom layer of the liquid in the test tube, while debris and dead sperm will get caught in the top two layers.
It is also seen that in unexplained infertility IUIs yield the best success rates in the first 3-4 cycles after which the success rates drop drastically to arounf 5%. Hence it is advisable that after trying IUI for a few cycles one should move on to IVF as there may be subtle defects in fertilization or in conditions of embryo development.
Success rates of IUI are also dependent on many other factors like whether ovulation induction was given and timing of IUI with follicular rupture. The time spent on semen preparation and subsequent IUI should be minimum as more the time spent more the failure of IUI as semen quality goes down. It is important to be aware of the IUI success rates as many couples harbor their hopes on IUI. The couple should take the decision after taking into account success rates and cost of procedure.

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