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Your list of baby names just got narrowed by half – unless you were just planning on a few gender-neutral names. Some parents feel they can bond more with their baby by knowing that much more about he or she. Frustrated family and friends or the neighbors who try and tell you what gender you will have by how you look! The best thing you can do for yourself now is really decide what will help you prepare for your child.

For women who work during pregnancy, deciding what changes to your routine need to be made can be a challenge. Here is a list of pros and cons to learning the sex of your baby during the second trimester. In some ways it’s a jump on getting the necessary things you will need for your bundle of joy.
If your job entails heavy lifting, standing for long periods, or extra long hours, you should consult with your doctor about the best ways to adjust your work routine.

Be sure and take a few extra breaks to accommodate any overly strenuous work and definitely let your supervisor know ahead of time so they can help accommodate your needs.

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