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I also realize just how lucky I am to have all of these things in my life, and how whole they make me feel, every day. Facebook and Twitter because the emotions that will come from seeing all of the pictures and comments will be too much. Although we discussed the topic briefly, the question of whether we could have children or not never came up.
At the start of year number 2, we decided to make getting pregnant a priority, although at the time I didn’t know (and still don’t know) what more we could have done on our own to make it happen. We both made appointments with our doctors to find out if there was something medically wrong that was prohibiting us from having children.
After months of testing, our doctor told us that more than likely we would never be able to have children. Before we went before the Lord, I knew we had to build a foundation upon which to build our prayer.
We took our prayer before the Lord and settled our faith using 1 John  5:14-15 (Now this is the confidence that we have in Him that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us. Strictly as an act of rebellion, I remember coming home from work and proposing an idea to my wife. I posed a series of questions to her first (so that she wouldn’t think that I was off my rocker!). Well then if we can pray for a baby and believe, based on scripture that we will have one and if we can pray for a son and expect to receive one, then why can’t we pray and ask God for certain physical and personality traits that we want him to have? What I meant was that if we can pray for the particular sex of the child, why can’t we pray and ask God for a certain completion, eye color, personality traits etc.? This type of prayer may seem presumptuous to some but you have to remember that all the time I was spending reading through God’s Word didn’t magnify what we can’t do. I could tell that my wife was kinda skeptical, but after a few days of milling over the limitlessness of God, she excitedly got on board and we went before the Father with a modification request to our original prayer. Please understand that this new updated prayer had nothing to do with us thinking that we wanted a “pretty” child or a kid that was striking in appearance to others. My wife and I asked for features in our son that are very difficult, if not impossible for two people with our physical attributes to produce. Then on December 4th, 1989 the Word of God became flesh in our lives in the form of our son Jonathan Randle Winfield at just under 10 lbs. The journey which was impossible according to man culminated 5 ? years after it began and we now have a walking talking living testimony of what faith in the Word of God will produce. The distress of being as yet incapable to conceive is enhanced by enormous medical bills – and the medical schemes feel they are not theirs to pay. Our archives remain free to access, which means this article will be freely available no more than a week from now. We are constantly working on new subscription packages, to provide the best value we possibly can.

Though many are affected by infertility, we now have options and answers for couples who need help. The initial female fertility evaluation should also include a check of the uterus and fallopian tubes.  Uterine fibroids are extremely common among black women and they can cause infertility or early miscarriages.
At 20 and 22 years of age, we weren’t real sure what direction we wanted our lives to go in, but one thing we knew for sure was that we wanted children.
We were still enjoying our new marriage but in the back of our minds we were beginning to wonder why there hadn’t been any signs or symptoms of pregnancy. It was almost as if he thought we would have given up on the issue of having kids over the months that he had been seeing us.
Meaning that I hadn’t been around enough Christians to tell me that simply believing what the Word of God says is no guarantee that prayer will be answered. I knew what I wanted to do; I suppose I just needed to know what direction my wife wanted to go in.
While we believed in medical science, we knew that medical science isn’t always the last word. If the foundation for prayer wasn’t laid clearly and correctly, the enemy could cause doubt to creep in later on. And if we know that He hears us in whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him). My eyes were focused on God’s Word and all I could find in there was what we could do in Christ.
This new prayer had to do with a rebellious spirit aimed at the forces seeking to stop our blessing from reaching us.
But at the end of the day, it is the Lord our God who would get the glory for doing what is impossible for man to do. During my wife’s 8th month checkup the doctor discovered the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck.
You guys were like Abraham and Sarah ,too — same story as ours, but from the exactly reverse direction. To show our appreciation to those subscribers -- and to unashamedly recruit more people to their ranks -- subscribers get exclusive access to some articles under an embargo system. Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. In the meantime, we enjoyed unwrapping this new gift of marriage that we both were complete novices at. The photo above is of the Word which became flesh in my life, Jonathan Winfield holding his daughter and my granddaughter, Kylie Winfield.
Maybe the explanation was given to us and we were in such a fog that we mentally checked out after his opening remarks. It felt like we put him in the uncomfortable position of having to tell us that there was no hope, because we were too stupid to give up on our own.

In most instances, spiritual immaturity when you’re heartbroken and disappointed over life taking you in a direction contrary to where you want to go can be devastating.
I spent my lunchtime alone at San Antonio Park in Long Beach, CA soaking up the Word of God each and every day. We left our prayer closet joyfully, knowing in our hearts that our prayer had been answered. With each day, we thanked God for answered prayer, acknowledging that our son was on the way. This new prayer was us snubbing our noses at the enemy and telling him that the more difficult he tries to make it on us, the bigger the testimony we were going to have at the end of this journey.
He said that if she tried to give birth to him naturally, there might be complications so she went in for a planned C-Section. Our handsome young man is now 27 years old with a 6 year old daughter and a 5 month old son of his own now. The photograph you posted here is simply the sweetest way to SHOW not tell that, with God, NOTHING is impossible, I am honored to have met you and your beautiful family.
On a positive note, at least we knew indeed that there was some sort of medical reason for our failed attempts.
I knew that we were going to have a son and I was ticked off at the enemy for interfering with what I knew the will of God was for our lives. I knew I was stronger now than I was when we began, but it was important for me to find out where her faith level was because I was about to take things to a new level. I knew in my heart that there was no way I was going to be denied the son that I had looked forward to having since before I was married.
Not counting the time I spend at church in the Sunday services and in midweek bible studies, I was getting 15 hours per week of good solid bible teaching. Those around us couldn’t see the vision we had of overcoming the challenge of infertility; therefore they inadvertently became more of a hindrance to our faith that allies of ours. After having lived in anticipation of this moment for so long, the announcement seemed a little anti-climactic. We shielded him from birth with the protection of God that would follow him all the days of his life. I had lived in a state of expectancy to such a degree that when the day finally came, it seemed as though I had been through it already.

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