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The National Institute of Nutrition, a part of the Indian Council of Medical Research has created Recommended Dietary Allowances during lactation for Indian women. One other critical piece of data that lactating Indian women need to know is how different this diet is from the diet of a non-lactating woman.
We have listed here some foods that have approximately 20g or more of protein per 100 gms of the food. Nuts like almond, cashewnut, groundnut, sunflower, water melon seeds etc., are also high in protein but contain high fat, almost 40 - 50gms of fat per 100 gms of these nuts. Iodised salt should be used to ensure that the required Iodine is provided during lactation. As can be seen, the various food groups each add different critical nutrients to the diet of an Indian mother wh is feeding her baby. We recommend that a copy of this book be bought by everyone who is interested in understanding the nutritive value of the foods they eat.

In Andhra region it is called as jonna rotte and its also liked by people who are in agriculture field  as this roti gives them energy to work for full day and it is very affordable..
This roti can be eaten with any vegetable side dish or any kind of veg stir fry… It tastes well with any side dish made with vegetables or any dal recipe. Eating this roti is so filling and one jowar roti is enough to keep us going for the whole day. If one is from South India then elders of the family might make these rotis with so mush of flair and it feels so good to watch them doing these rotis and so do my elders.
Learn how to make jowar roti recipe with detailed recipe below and also watch the video procedure for a better understanding. Hey Asiya I always wanted to learn how to make Jowar ki roti, I will try this and definatly will give credit to your blog.
So watch how much you eat of these nuts in quest of protein as you can easily overload on fats.

It is important to consume a wide variety of balanced meals that use all the groups mentioned above and with the right amount of fats and oils. The information is provided clearly and concisely and the price of the 2007 edition is only Rs. They make the roti with such a great skill of hands and its a treat to watch them rotate the roti so smoothly and easily. The jowar ki roti has to be handled carefully and it can be done only with lots and lots of practice. Always use warm water to make jowar roti as the roti may not be formed and may tend to break if cold water is used.2.

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